Los Angeles Motion win Gay Bowl IX

San Diego Bolts finish second; Silicon Valley Crash take Consolation title


The Los Angeles Motion became the second team to win three Gay Bowl championships at Gay Bowl IX in Washington, D.C. The Motion defeated the San Diego Bolts in what some have called the greatest Gay Bowl championship game ever. Los Angeles took a 7-point lead with about two minutes left when Demond A. took a short pass 50 yards for a score. The Bolts declined a penalty on the play that would have negated the touchdown, but they wanted one more shot to score. With two plays left in the game, the scored from 12 yards out and lined up for a 2-point conversion. Quarterback Eric R. was pushed out of the pocket and his pass hit the ground, giving the Motion a 31-30 victory. The Motion's last championship was Gay Bowl 2 in 2003.

It is the second time the title game was decided by 1 point. The Washington Monuments beat the Boston Hancocks in overtime of the final of Gay Bowl IV.

Outsports co-founders Cyd Zeigler and Jim Buzinski were the captains of the Los Angeles Motion. This was Zeigler's sixth title and Buzinski's third.

In the Consolation Bracket, the Silicon Valley Crash beat the South Florida Cat5, 33-13, to win the title. Silicon Valley took the biggest leap in improvement this year, jumping from 16th last year to 11th this year.

The three-time defending champion New York Warriors ended their run when they lost to the Phoenix Hellraisers in the quarterfinals, 21-20. Last year it was the Warriors who knocked out the Hellraisers in the quarterfinals. The Warriors had won 19 straight games before their loss to the Michigan Panthers in the round robin; The next longest team win streak in tournament history is 8 straight games (Los Angeles Motion, 2002-03; Chicago Flames, 2005-06).

Motion quarterback Drew B. was named Offensive MVP of the Championship Game, while Brent S. of Los Angeles was named the Defensive MVP of the game.

Gay Bowl X will be held next Columbus Day Weekend, Oct. 8-10, 2010, in Phoenix, Ariz.

Gay Bowl Champions

1 - Los Angeles Motion
2 - Los Angeles Motion
3 - Washington Monuments
4 - Washington Monuments
5 - Chicago Flames
6 - New York Warriors
7 - New York Warriors
8 - New York Warriors
9 - Los Angeles Motion

Gay Bowl Consolation Champions (started in 2004)

1 - San Francisco Shockwaves
2 - San Diego Sharks
3 - Dallas Bulls
4 - Atlanta Storm
5 - Chicago Bears
6 - Silicon Valley Crash

Gay Bowl 9 final standings

1 - Los Angeles Motion (6-0)
2 - San Diego Bolts (5-1)
3 - Phoenix Hellraisers (5-1)
4 - Washington Monuments (4-2)
5 - New York Warriors (3-2)
6 - Chicago Freeze (2-3)
7 - New York Fire (4-2)
8 - Boston Hancocks (3-3)
9 - Michigan Panthers (3-2)
10 - Atlanta Storm (2-3)
11 - Silicon Valley Crash (4-2)
12 - South Florida Cat5 (2-4)
13 - DC Metros (4-2)
14 - Houston Hurricanes (2-4)
15 - Salt Lake City Avalanche (2-3)
16 - Denver Summit (1-4)
17 - San Antonio Diablos (2-4)
18 - Pittsburgh Ironmen (1-5)
19 - Philadelphia Revolution (1-4)
20 - Texas Bullcats (0-5)

For more information, please visit www.ngffl.com.

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