Gay Sports Roundup: Kluwe is Pride grand marshal. Out coach at UCLA. Ryan Lohte's dumb answers

Ryan Lochte - Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE

Various articles and columns talk about athletes coming out in professional sports

No perfect time for gay NFL player to come out - ESPN
This fuss about whether the time is right for a gay man in the NFL to come out while playing is a silly one. The time for change is never right. It's the people who are right.

Assistant coach teams up with UCLA Athletics, Recreation to promote Ally Week | Daily Bruin
For UCLA softball assistant coach Kirk Walker, some battles have been bigger than those his team faces at the ballpark. UCLA is celebrating Ally Week, and Walker, who is openly gay, has been part of the effort put forth by UCLA Athletics and UCLA Recreation to help educate students regarding homophobia and bullying in sports and recreation.

The Complete Summer Swimsuit Guide | Out Magazine
Easy to feel a bit self-conscious at the beach when you don't have a "perfect" body, but if you think about it, you're pretty lucky: With the variety of swimwear available to men these days, there is no shortage of options to make you look your best under the sun.

Kevin McClatchy: Team Player | Out Magazine
For more than a decade, Kevin McClatchy, former owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, feared someone would learn his secret. After coming out publicly, he wants professional sports to grow up.

Acceptance of homosexuality in pro sports is progress long overdue - Sports - The Lamron
In recent weeks, two of the top four professional sports leagues in the United States have moved toward making progress regarding the issue of player sexuality. Long a taboo subject in professional sports, sexuality – in particular, homosexuality – has sprung to the forefront of discussion.

Professional sports prepare for openly gay athletes - The Daily Illini : Editorials
The big four of North American sports have started to make major inroads with the gay and lesbian community and we couldn’t be more supportive.

Ryan Lochte -- Fox Anchors Fall Apart Over Olympic Swimmer's Dumbness |
YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!! The anchors of "Good Day Philly" literally break down in hysterical tears seconds after kissing off Ryan Lochte in what could…

Can America's sports fans accept gay NFL player? - Jason Whitlock, Fox Sports
NFL locker rooms are ready for a gay player. Are you? FOXSports.coms Jason Whitlock explores the issue. Whitlock: Can Americas sports fans accept gay NFL player?

Kluwe named grand marshal of PRIDE parade
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