Former Middle Tennessee State kicker Alan Gendreau - William Waybourn,

Alan Gendreau, openly gay football kicker

It had been months since Alan Gendreau put on a pair of cleats and stood three yards behind a football. The former Middle Tennessee State placekicker had all but left the game behind when he graduated a year ago.

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Video: Alan Gendreau goes 'Home'

The kicker's voice is as strong as his leg, and he shows it off in his cover of Michael Buble's 'Home'


Podcast: Behind the story of Alan Gendreau

For four years we held Gendreau's secret in confidence. Now we're able to talk about what happened leading up to the publication of his story.


'Good Morning America' talks with Alan Gendreau

ABC's Good Morning America featured openly gay kicker Alan Gendreau this morning. Gendreau looked great and said all the right things. When asked about the pressure of trying to make it into the NFL, and possibly being the first openly gay player there. He played it cool, like a kicker:

There's always pressure being the first in anything. At the end of the day, it's about football. And it's about winning games.

The report started with raised expectations of Gendreau potentially being drafted. Only one problem: Gendreau isn't in the draft. While several people have told me they're excited to see where he ends up this weekend, as I said in my feature story earlier this week, he's not going to be drafted and the process to get into the NFL isn't an over-night trip. This is going to take weeks and months.

At one point, GMA said he could be drafted tonight -- in rounds 2 or 3. There is a better chance of Brady Quinn leading the NFL in passing yards this season. In the whole draft, there will be only a couple kickers taken and both of them after round 4.

Still, Gendreau looked great on camera and doing what he does best: Kicking the football. He told me some of those attempts were at 55 yards, and he cleared the bar with room to spare. I'm not surprised.


Coming Out In A Natural Way

If Alan Gendreau makes the NFL, his story could be a template for other gay athletes on coming out.


Gay college football player fits in on his team

Neither totally out nor closeted, kicker finds the right environment to be himself.

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