Breaking: Lobbyist to release proposal banning gays from the NFL today

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Jack Burkman claims he will release his proposed bill with Congressional support.

Even after the defeat of SB 1062 in Arizona, Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman says he is moving forward with Federal legislation to ban gays from the NFL, and he has various legislators signed up to back it. This from CBS Radio:

A bill proposing a ban on gay players in the NFL will be released by close of business on Thursday, Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman tells 106.7 The Fan.

During an appearance Wednesday evening on "The Don Geronimo Show," Burkman explained it has taken some time to compose the bill, which was announced earlier this week. He said the proposal is already backed by six members of the U.S. House and one U.S. Senator and expects more support in the future.

This still reads like an Onion piece because of its absurdity. This bill obviously has no chance of ever passing, and I'm not sure Congress even has the authority to do something like this (there are non-profit and monopoly issues with some of the pro-sports leagues that give Congress a bit more authority than it may have over other corporations).

He is apparently couching it in part under some kind of workplace environment issue. From his interview with CBS DFW:

"If you separate men and women, doesn't it make sense that you would separate a gay man and a straight man?"

The bill will look to impose harsh criminal penalties and severe fines for each violation - not less than $3 million and not more than $8 million per violation.

Burkman also offered this gem to CBS Radio:

"This isn't designed to put a gay man above a straight man, or a straight man above a gay man," Burkman said. "I thought to myself as this was all being devised, would you want cheerleaders and women showering with football players? Well, you and I might, but people wouldn't have that."

Stay tuned...

Hat tip to Chris Lingebach

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