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'Gay-Rod' and A-Rod a 'fag' tweets show the homophobic sewer that is Twitter

Alex Rodriguez (Photo: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE) Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees has stunk this postseason, so badly that he was...

Seimone Augustus speaks out for same-sex marriage in the middle of the WNBA Finals

Seimone Augustus Minnesota Lynx star and Olympic gold medalist Seimone Augustus is speaking out against the Constitutional ban on same-sex...

Beyonce puts a ring on this year's Super Bowl halftime show

The Associated Press is reporting that R&B superstar Beyonce will be the main attraction of the halftime show for Super Bowl XLVII on Feb. 3 in New Orleans. With her female following, it's a great...

Eli and Peyton Manning are a couple of fairies

I've gotta admit, I don't quite get DirecTV's whole "fairy" campaign. First it was Deion Sanders with pretty wings. Now both Eli Manning and Peyton Manning have satchels of pixie dust. And into...

Chris Kluwe video: Opposing gay marriage 'not what America stands for'

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe continues to be a vocal advocate for same-sex marriage and the fight against a Minnesota ballot imitative that would constitutionally ban such unions in the...

Denver Nuggets blogger Jeffrey Morton tells readers 'I'm gay'

Denver Stiffs blogger Jeffrey Morton used National Coming Out Day last week to tell his readers and fans that he's gay. He talked at length about coming out to his mother, which didn't go over as...

Majority of 62 pro athletes polled by ESPN in favor of gay marriage

Brendon Ayanbadejo in an NFL player who is pro-gay marriage. ESPN the Magazine polled a combined 62 athletes anonymously from the NBA, NHL,...

Gay Games to skip sports conference in Russia out of fear for safety

The Federation of Gay Games is skipping the upcoming Peace and Sport conference in Sochi, Russia, after conference organizers could not ensure the safety of the Gay Games delegate. Russia is...

New England Patriot Brandon Spikes would scream if a gay man were in his bathtub

New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes made a strange gay joke on Twitter yesterday. Spikes doesn't have much past with the issue, so it came out of nowhere. And just hours before National...

Buy a Chris Kluwe "Lustful Cockmonster" or "Sparklepony" T-shirt to support marriage

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is hoping to turn two of his unique phrases into money to help fight a Minnesota ballot amendment that would outlaw same-sex marriage. Kluwe is selling shirts...

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