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The Last Closet launches, aims to open closet doors for gay pro athletes

For the last two years, award-winning filmmakers Dee Mosbacher and Fawn Yacker have had their targets set on homophobia in men's pro sports. The producers of the acclaimed documentary Training...

Yunel Escobar suspended for three games, donates salary to You Can Play & GLAAD

The Toronto Blue Jays suspended Yunel Escobar for three games. He called the episode a "terrible experience." His salary for those three games will be donated to the You Can Play project and GLAAD....

'Hunting Season' explores everyone's favorite sport...

Ben Baur of 'Hunting Season' I can think of no more popular sport in America than hunting. OK, maybe not for deer, but certainly hunting......

Did Yunel Escobar previously write "no penis" or "WTF" on his eye black?

Yunel Escobar's eye black seems to say "no penis" in Spanish While Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar wore eye black on Saturday with...

Cleveland Indians teammates finger Lonnie Chisenhall after game-winning hit

Courtesy of Deadspin comes this video (below) of what is teammates fingering the butt of another following a dramatic win. It comes courtesy of the Cleveland Indians, who mobbed Lonnie Chisenhall...

Toronto Blue Jays respond to Yunel Escobar's 'maricon' eye black

Yunel Escobar The Toronto Blue Jays have made a statement regarding the gay slur on Yunel Escobar's eye black. The Blue Jays' statement: T...

Yunel Escobar of Toronto Blue Jays uses gay slur 'maricon' in eye black

Toronto Blue Jay Yunel Escobar painted "You are a faggot" in Spanish on his eye black against the Boston Red Sox. The Spanish written on his eye black was "Tu ere maricon." Think about it. This...

German Chancellor Angela Merkel tells gay soccer player not to fear coming out

Angela Merkel Last week an unidentified professional soccer player told Fluter magazine that he feared the public and media reaction to...

Jamie Kuntz's first camera interview: Being gay was 'deciding factor' in dismissal.

Amy K. Nelson of SB Nation headed to western North Dakota to sit down with Jamie Kuntz, who was kicked off his college football team at North Dakota State College of Science last week for kissing...

German gay pro soccer player tells of strain of staying in the closet

Fluter's caption: "A gay football player? Not in this photo." A gay soccer player in Germany's Bundesliga gave a wide-ranging interview to...

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