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Thin field for men at U.S. Figure Skating Championships


Jeremy Abbott is going for his 4th U.S. title (Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports) Lets just start off by saying the U.S. Figure Skating Assn....

Manti Te'o Tells Katie Couric: I'm So So Not Gay

NFL prospect's answer to question leaves many questioning even more

Manti Te'o Talked to Man for 500 Hours


Claims he thought Ronaiah Tuiasosopo was a woman throughout their conversations

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh would be fine with an openly gay player


If a player on the San Francisco 49ers came out as gay, Coach Jim Harbaugh said he would treat him as he would any other player. Harbaugh will coach against his brother John in the Super Bowl next...

Transgender 11-year-old Jazz is playing soccer, hoping to date boys


Barbara Walters and 20/20 revisited transgender tween Jazz in a fantastic special that aired this past Saturday. They previously did a segment on the cute girl five years ago; This was a follow-up...

Brendon Ayanbadejo to use Super Bowl platform to push for gay rights


Brendon Ayanbadejo is a linebacker for the AFC Champion Baltimore Ravens and will play in the Super Bowl Feb. 3 against the San Francisco 49ers. He is passionate about gay rights and wants to use...

University of Virginia student calls "not gay" chant cowardly


A straight student at the University of Virginia has written a powerful column in the student newspaper calling those who chant "not gay" during sporting events cowards and bullies. Students have...

Megan Rapinoe speaks out against using homophobic language for GLSEN


U.S. women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe appears in a new video for GLSEN produced by AOL and their You've Got series. In the video, Rapinoe is looking as radiant as ever talking about her new...

New York Ramblers gay soccer team sells calendar for charity


The New York Ramblers gay soccer team has published a 2013 calendar, with some of the proceeds going to help a shelter for gay homeless youth damaged by Hurricane Sandy. From Shaun Hart of the...

Michael Phelps channels his inner slacker in cheering on Baltimore Ravens


Now that the Olympics are a distant memory, swimmer Michael Phelps is indulging perhaps his real sporting passion -- cheering on the Baltimore Ravens. The Baltimore native is a huge fan of the...

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