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Eye on sports: Our favorite photos of the week


4 We present our favorite photos of the past sports week. This week’s offerings include the return of football, including not one but two...

Aussie Rules Football ads anti-homophobia ads at matches


Ads against homophobia will be broadcast at the two semifinal matches for Aussie Rules Football's Grand Final. They come on the heels of a minor league Aussie Rules player, Jason Ball, who came out...

Chris Kluwe was not "excessively fondled" at Minnesota gay marriage fundraiser


From left: Brad Michael of Minnesotans for Marriage Equality; Chris Kluwe and Esera Tuaolo Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has a b...

Outsports again named one of Sports Illustrated's top 100 Twitter feeds


Mark Cuban. Kevin Durant. Arian Foster. Floyd Maywether. Outsports. We're so thrilled to again be listed as part of Sports Illustrated's Twitter 100. The list is compiled by polling the magazine's...

Nude Blacks rugby players bare all in New Zealand


The All Blacks rugby team is a national passion in New Zealand and they even have imitators in the Nude Blacks, a Dunedin, N.Z.-based team. The Nude Blacks are comprised mostly of students and they...

The Last Closet launches, aims to open closet doors for gay pro athletes


For the last two years, award-winning filmmakers Dee Mosbacher and Fawn Yacker have had their targets set on homophobia in men's pro sports. The producers of the acclaimed documentary Training...

Yunel Escobar suspended for three games, donates salary to You Can Play & GLAAD


The Toronto Blue Jays suspended Yunel Escobar for three games. He called the episode a "terrible experience." His salary for those three games will be donated to the You Can Play project and GLAAD....

'Hunting Season' explores everyone's favorite sport...


Ben Baur of 'Hunting Season' I can think of no more popular sport in America than hunting. OK, maybe not for deer, but certainly hunting......

Did Yunel Escobar previously write "no penis" or "WTF" on his eye black?


Yunel Escobar's eye black seems to say "no penis" in Spanish While Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar wore eye black on Saturday with...

Cleveland Indians teammates finger Lonnie Chisenhall after game-winning hit


Courtesy of Deadspin comes this video (below) of what is teammates fingering the butt of another following a dramatic win. It comes courtesy of the Cleveland Indians, who mobbed Lonnie Chisenhall...

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