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MMA fighter Jessica Aguilar comes out as bisexual


Jessica Aguilar made her professional MMA debut in 2006, but it's just now that she's talking about her sexual orientation publicly. The fighter told Sports Illustrated's Loretta Hunt that she is...

IOC asked to consider gay rights as part of Olympics invites


British human rights lawyer and writer Mark Stephens has written a provocative article arguing that LGBT rights be the centerpiece of the London Olympics. Nations that still criminalize...

Former Green Bay Packer Ahman Green talks about his gay brother and lesbian sister


Also: A dozen NFL players tell Outsports they would support a gay teammate Ahman Green was about 10 feet away, kneeling as he changed out of his cleats. He had just made some former NFL players...

Pittsburgh Penguins Brooks Orpik delivers powerful You Can Play video


What I like most about the 30-second video done for the You Can Play project by Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik is that it's just him speaking into the camera. The result is a simple...

Sir Ian McKellen signs nude print of diver Matthew Mitcham for London fundraiser


With the Olympics in London this summer, it's only fitting that portraits and photos of gold medal diver Matthew Mitcham will be featured as part of an exhibit in the city for Australian artist R...

Eye on sports: Our favorite photos of the week


Sean Dempster We present our favorite photos of the past sports week. This week’s offerings include Aussie Rules Football players playing...

Jonathan Vilma bans Outsports from Twitter account, sues Roger Goodell


Jonathan Vilma isn't a nice guy. Recently he tweeted a couple items that some perceived to be homophobic messages; His response was to lash out at anyone who questioned him. When he was implicated...

Floyd Mayweather reverses course, supports gay marriage


Boxer Floyd Mayweather does not like Manny Pacquiao. The two have sparred for years. So it's no surprise that Mayweather would take a shot at Manny Pacquiao's position against same-sex marriage, t...

Nike releases statement on Manny Pacquiao, who clarifies his position about gay marriage


On Wednesday the Courage Campaign asked Nike to end their relationship with Manny Pacquiao after the boxer made statements against same-sex marriage. Nike spokeswoman Mary Remuzzi told Outsports: A...

Nebraska coach Ron Brown must believe in slavery because the Bible says so


"The same thing that was a sin 2,000 years ago is a sin today. The thing that was right 2,000 years ago is right today." --Nebraska assistant football coach Ron Brown. Brown has made headlines with...

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