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English soccer teams blasted for failure to support anti-homophobia campaign

Homophobia is alive and well in English soccer, where only 16 of 160 clubs in seven divisions reacted positively to an initiative to support gays in the sport, the Independent reports. This comes...

Video: Phil Mickelson's ball gets lost in guy's shorts

Phil Mickelson hit a drive into the last place you'd expect to find the golf pro's ball: Another guy's shorts. What did the guy get out of it? A few minutes of national attention and a ball signed...

Saturday Night Live spoofs Jeremy Lin racism controversy

Saturday Night Live did a send-up of the controversy surrounding various racially sensitive comments about Jeremy Lin late last week (video here). The skit reflects what we've heard from various...

ESPN fires, suspends employees responsible for 'chink in the armor' headline, comment

ESPN has fired the employee responsible for a racially charged Jeremy Lin-inspired headline on their mobile site. They have also handed a 30-day suspension to their network anchor who used the term...

ESPN apologizes for 'chink in the armor' headline, promises review

Last night, ESPN's mobile site used a headline with a racially charged double entendre to describe Jeremy Lin's game against the Hornets. This morning they have ap0logized and are promising a...

ESPN uses racial epithet in headline of Jeremy Lin story

Update Sunday, 8:30AMPT: ESPN has fired and suspended people responsible for headline, comments. Update Saturday, 8:20AMPT: ESPN has apologized for the headline. ESPN has been the biggest champion...

Exeter City FC fights homophobia this Saturday as part of 'Football v. Homophobia'

Can you imagine several San Diego Chargers standing outside their stadium before a game handing out pamphlets against homophobia in sports? Or how about Vincent Jackson and Shaun Phillips showing...

Italian soccer players for Dolce & Gabbana underwear (photos, video)

Wow, how did we miss this one? Dolce & Gabbana had previously tapped Italian ruggers and Italian swimmers to appear in their underwear campaigns. Somehow we failed to notice that in 2010 they...

Was Portland gay bowling league forced out of Hollywood Bowl alley for being gay?

Gay bowling is scary, huh? The Portland Community Bowling League, an LGBT sports group, claims they are being force from their home...

Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue continues fight against homophobia

We first wrote about Paul Tagliabue, then the NFL commissioner, and his support for gay rights in 2005. Then he was honored by PFLAG with a leadership award (Tagliabue has a gay son, Drew). This...

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