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Does Putin approve of Sochi's 2-man toilets?

Russia might be trying to outlaw the gay, but the toilets at some venues at the Sochi Winter Olympics make it quite easy for two dudes to get together without arousing suspicion: On the other...

Watch the Olympics guilt-free

Remote Pride Houses and Uprising Of Love offer the opportunity during the Opening Ceremony to give back to the community -- and donate to LGBT groups in Russia -- while respecting the athletes we want to stand up for us.

Institutionalized homophobia in figure skating

There's a reason skaters tiptoe around issue of gay rights and their own orientation.

Jonathan Vilma doesn't want gay men in the shower

Vilma again takes a swing at gay men, assuming they all want to see him naked and worrying about what to do if he knew one of them did.

Football is the key to opening up men's sports

Homophobia in women's sports, and transphobia in all sports, have other key issues. But to end homophobia in men's sports, football is the biggest game in town.

Charley Cullen Walters: Out & reporting from Sochi

Walters will be reporting from Sochi for Outsports and SB Nation, in addition to Entertainment Tonight and Us Weekly.

College ballplayer Chandler Whitney comes out

Whitney found complete acceptance from his Walla Walla Community College baseball team when he came out to them just days after his boyfriend, Conner Mertens, came out to his college football team.

Finnish Olympic swimmer comes out as gay

Finnish Olympic swimmer Ari-Pekka Liukkonen, 24, has come out publicly as gay in reaction to anti-gay laws passed in Russia."I wanted to join the discussion in relation to Sochi, since it is a sad...

Seahawks crush Broncos, 43-8, to win Super Bowl

Peyton Manning is my favorite athlete of all time, so here is my recap of Super Bowl XLVIII, won by Seattle over Denver, 43-8: I have nothing more to add. The highlight was Joe Namath screwing...

Gay coach Anthony Nicodemo wins league title

Out gay coach turns Saunders boys basketball program around headed into the final stretch

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