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From 'mama's boy' to openly gay track champion

LeQuan Chapman grew up in a rough neighborhood where "words like 'faggot' and 'gay' were primary in describing all things bad." He discovered sports and became true to himself and is now out and proud.

Canadian volleyball player comes out as gay

Chris Voth is a 6-5, 23-year-old volleyball star who trains with Canada's national men's team. This weekend he came out in an article in the Winnipeg Free Press that chronicled his journey. "It...

Tonight: NFL show embraces Jerry Smith's gayness

NFL Films decided to produce the documentary on Smith in large part because he was gay in hopes of creating a push to get him into the Hall Of Fame.

Bengals punter in a Speedo. Again.

Zoltan Mesko last showed off his dogs and a Speedo last May when he was with the Patriots.

How ESPN & Grantland failed the trans community

There are basic rules on reporting about and discussing trans people every sportswriter should live by. Bill Simmons' crew broke them all with last week's article on the inventor of a golf putter.

NHL commish gives lengthy interview on gays

Gary Bettman says he doesn't know why no current or former NHL players are out, but he is confident in the league's culture one someone does.

Putin reiterates: Being gay is not illegal

Gay Olympic attendees may be left alone by the government, but no one is asking Putin about cracking down on the gangs that are attacking gay people with seemingly little consequence.

Eric Decker gets shirtless in GQ photo spread

If you are watching Sunday's AFC Championship Game between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots, and wonder what #87 for the Broncos looks like sans helmet and shirt, then turn to next...

Documentary examines Jerry Smith, gay NFL player

Jerry Smith was a star tight end for the Washington Redskins from 1965-77, retiring with a then-NFL record of 60 touchdowns. He was also gay, and died of AIDS in 1986. The NFL Network series "A...

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