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Favre wins Round 1 grudge match vs. Packers


Brett Favre got all the pregame hype prior to his first game against his old team, the Green Bay Packers, on Monday night. And while Favre played quite well, the real story was along the offensive...

No gay couples at North Texas homecoming


It's "homecoming season," and high school and college students across the country are set on the annual choosing of the homecoming court. Some student bodies will have some fun with it and pick a...

NFL Week 4: The NFL reaches the quarter pole


The Colts, Giants, Saints and Patriots look elite. The Raiders, Rams, Chiefs, Browns and Bucs look like garbage. By Jim How I saw Week 4 of the NFL: The NFL is one-fourth...

N.Y. Rangers do Letterman's Top 10 list


Members of the New York Rangers presented the "Top 10 Things Never Spoken Before by a Hockey Player." They also carried Madonna into the studio on their shoulders. "Have you ever ridden hockey...

Weekend Hot Jock: Receiver Eric Decker


Eric Decker is a 6-3, 220-pound wide receiver for the University of Minnesota. A pro-caliber prospect, Decker is one of the best wideouts in the country. And one of the hottest. You can watch...

Rio awarded 2016 Olympics


The International Olympic Committee, meeting in Copenhagen, awarded the 2016 Summer Olympics to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, beating out Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago. The Chicago loss -- the city was...

Sports Tweet: NBA's new rules, NFL dimwit


Sorry, Charlie. Don't be wack, Shaq. The NBA has instituted a new policy on the use of Twitter and other social media sites on game days. It applies to coaches, players and "other team basketball...

Jimmy Fallon makes tired Gay Games jokes


Unfortunately for people who enjoy comedy and have a good sense of humor, Jimmy Fallon hosts the Late Night show on NBC. Yesterday he decided to go after the Gay Games' choice of Cleveland to host...

New Orleans Saint Scott Fujita supports marriage


New Orleans Saint Scott Fujita has come out publicly in full support of same-sex marriage. On Tuesday, the NFL linebacker reacted to Brendan Ayanbadejo's column in support of same-sex marriage and...

How big of a bust is Brady Quinn?


Speaking of fortune-telling, I was thinking today about the drafting of one Brady Quinn. If you remember, the Cleveland Browns chased him down late in the first round of the 2007 draft, giving up a...

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