Players say baseball ready for openly gay player

ESPN The Magazine interviewed 143 Major League Baseball players on a variety of subjects, including PED use, most overrated and underrated players, and this question on gay players: Do you agree...

David Ortiz would 'love' a gay teammate

David Ortiz: "I love people the way they are. Especially if you are honest with yourself. You know what I'm saying? It's the (expletive) 21st century man. Get over it."

College catcher Matt Kaplon comes out as gay

Applause and respect greeted Kaplon who found the strength to come out after reading the stories of other gay athletes.

College ballplayer Chandler Whitney comes out

Whitney found complete acceptance from his Walla Walla Community College baseball team when he came out to them just days after his boyfriend, Conner Mertens, came out to his college football team.

St. Louis Cardinals 'gay butt sex team:' Wikipedia

Some homophobe defaced the Wikipedia entry for the St. Louis Cardinals with gay slurs for much of the afternoon Monday. As Deadspin noted, this was a problem for anyone doing a Google search for...

Jason Collins, Billy Bean lead Dodgers' LGBT night

The Los Angeles Dodgers won the National League West this season and capped off the regular season Friday night with an 11-0 win as they celebrated LGBT night out. NBA player Jason Collins threw...

Texas Rangers pitcher Robbie Ross in NOH8 campaign

Brittany and Robbie Ross talk about being Christian and loving their LGBT friends in part because of their religious beliefs.

Dodgers to host LGBT Night Out Sept. 27

The Los Angeles Dodgers will host an LGBT Night Out, Friday, Sept. 27, in a game against the Colorado Rockies. LGBT Night Out at Dodger Stadium will feature a celebrity throwing out the first...

Seattle Mariners to fly gay pride flag during game

Action is first by a Major League Baseball team and comes during Seattle's pride parade.

5% Of MLB Players In Poll Know Of Gay Player

ESPN the Magazine asks 110 players and six say they know of someone gay in the sport.


Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees did not have a sex-change operation

Derek Jeter (Photo: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE) New York Yankees fans had a shock when they saw a status update on the team's Facebook page...

Baseball to add sexual orientation to nondiscrimination policy in new labor deal

Major League Baseball and the players' union will add sexual orientation to its nondiscrimination policy as part of a new labor deal, the New York Daily News is reporting. From Andy Martino: The...

Billy Bean on meeting one of his heroes, gay serviceman Eric Alva

Billy Bean, Eric Alva Over the past decade, I have watched with bated breath as our community fought to repeal the “Don’t Ask Don’t...

Los Angeles gay rights group slams Bud Selig for speaking before Boy Scouts gala

Photo via Sodahead The Boy Scouts of America does not allow gays or lesbians to serve as scouts or scout leaders, saying it  "believes that...

Texas Rangers complete epic choke, lose World Series to Cardinals

Game 6 hero David Freese Update: Game 7 was so blah that it's not worth a separate item. The St. Louis Cardinals beat the Texas Rangers,...

World Series, Rangers vs. Cardinals: Do you have a rooting interest?

The World Series starts Wednesday with a matchup few expected -- the Texas Rangers vs. the St. Louis Cardinals. I can't say this is one to excite the senses. I will be rooting for the Rangers, the...

Brad Pitt does not play gay Billy Bean in "Moneyball," he plays straight Billy Beane

The Billys: Bean and Beane Billy Bean and Billy Beane could not be more different. Yet they also...

Red Sox complete greatest Sept. choke in baseball history; Braves a close second

The Boston Red Sox led the Tampa Bay Rays by nine games on Sept. 4. And last night the lead went poof and the Rays completed the biggest September comeback for a playoff spot in Major League...

Moment #54: Former Los Angeles Dodger Glenn Burke comes out

Part of Outsports’ series on our 100 most important moments in gay sports history. Baseball, 1993: By the time former Major League Baseball player Glenn Burke came out publicly in interviews with...

Tip: It's not smart to streak a Little League game while carrying your cellphone

Oliver S. Sullivan, 18, of Hingham, Mass., thought he had pulled off the perfect crime. But he forgot one key detail: Don't bring your cellphone with you when you're streaking. From MyFoxBoston: On...

Baseball announcer Ray Knight apologizes for saying 'sissy' on the air

Ray Knight, a color analyst for the Washington Nationals and former Major League Baseball player and manager, apologized for using the word "sissy" during a June 5 telecast, the Washington Blade...

Baseball: Joe in Philly picks the Phillies

Our good friend Joe Guckin posts his 2011 baseball predictions on his terrific The Joe in Philly Experience blog. And, shocker, he picks his hometown Philadelphia Phillies to win the National...

Giants win first World Series since 1954

The San Francisco Giants beat the Texas Rangers, 3-1, to win the World Series in five games. It was the Giants first World Series title since 1954 and first since moving to San Francisco in 1958....

Giants rip Rangers in World Series opener

A lot of people picked the Texas Rangers to win the World Series over the San Francisco Giants based on Cliff Lee starting and winning two games. So much for that theory. Lee lasted only five...

World Series set: Giants vs. Rangers

You would have made a lot of money had you bet before the season that the World Series would pit the Texas Rangers against the San Francisco Giants. But that's the reality after both teams won...

Phillies' Roy Halladay pitches no-hitter

Until Wednesday, there had been only one no-hitter in the postseason history of Major League Baseball -- Don Larsen's perfect game for the New York Yankees in 1956. Make that two. Roy Halladay of...

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