College Sports

Michael Sam proves himself at Missouri's Pro Day

Michael Sam pulled up at the end of his first 40-yard dash, only to work through the hamstring tightness and finish off the day strong. He improved in every category.

Rural S.C. college has two out gay v'ball players

Erskine College volleyball players Drew Davis, who struggled reconciling being gay with the Southern Baptist Church, and Juan Varona, who was out in high school in Puerto Rico, are embraced by their Erskine volleyball team.

'Mom, I'm gay.' U of Virginia swimmer comes out

Parker Camp swims for the University of Virginia. Coming out to his teammates was easy compared to his religious mother. He wrote his mom a beautiful coming out letter. The result was unconditional love and a burden lifted.

A life worth living: Near death and back again

Gay Notre Dame varsity tennis player Matt Dooley attempted suicide in 2011. He came out to his team exactly two years later, and their acceptance helped save his life.

College catcher Matt Kaplon comes out as gay

Applause and respect greeted Kaplon who found the strength to come out after reading the stories of other gay athletes.

Gay college runner accepted by team, fraternity

Korten remembers one night when he punched himself repeatedly in the stomach, desperately struggling with his sexuality and the Bible.

College swimmer out on his team

Friestad grew up in Plano, Texas, and was fully supported by his high school team. He had to come out again at Div. 1 New Jersey Institute of Technology, and he was embraced.

College football linebacker was openly gay

Scott Cooper just finished his senior season. He found true acceptance on his Augsburg College football team, which included him being asked by a coach to speak on National Coming Out Day and introducing his partner at Senior Day.

Watch: Hangout with gay linebacker Scott Cooper

Cooper talks football, religion and his future.


Jourdan Elyse Sayers is out at Columbia University

Sayers has found acceptance despite the casual homophobia she has heard for years.

College ballplayer Chandler Whitney comes out

Whitney found complete acceptance from his Walla Walla Community College baseball team when he came out to them just days after his boyfriend, Conner Mertens, came out to his college football team.

Podcast: College athletes coming out & Super Bowl!

We've gone live with our podcasts! Today we talked about the Broncos and Seahawks matchup in the Super Bowl and college athletes coming out in droves!

College lacrosse player comes out in fun ways

While nobody quite knew how to handle a gay player when Richards came out, the entire Kenyon lacrosse team now again calls him their lax bro.

'The U' welcomes LGBT athletes

The University of Miami Hurricanes make powerful, inclusive You Can Play video

Outsports' 30 most-read stories of the year

Gay athletes came out, and straight athletes stripped down, in our most popular stories of 2013

Podcast: UNC and Temple take big steps

Tar Heels from a bunch of sports -- including football and men's basketball -- make it clear that Chapel Hill is a place where LGBT athletes can shine

Gay ex-Temple gymnasts plead for sport to be saved

The university will cut men's gymnastics, but three gay former gymnasts talk about how the program nurtured a brotherhood that embraced everyone and helped them out of the closet.

College coach & former Purdue swimmer on being gay

When Dafforn came out to his Boilermakers team his senior year, they were only mad he hadn't come out sooner

Texas swimmer comes out to team in email

Junior Matt Korman didn't want to hide this side of himself any longer -- and he wanted to date openly. Read the email he sent to his team.

Nominations due for Voice & Action Athlete Award

Applications for the national award are due Nov. 26.

Campus Pride & Richmond host LGBT College Summit

The summit will be held in February at the University of Richmond

UConn women stand with LGBTQ athletes

Br{ache The Silence recruits the UConn women to launch their Tour of Champions campaign

America East, You Can Play & GO! Athletes

Conference will engage the two partners in educational opportunities

Podcast: Supporting Blake Skjellerup

After just one week, the fundraising campaign for gay Olympic hopeful Blake Skjellerup has brought in over $23k. Can Kevin Hogan and Stanford win the national title?

UCSB tennis coach comes out

Thibodeau was the WAC coach of the year six times

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