Slovenian Olympic skier has a body for days

The skier competed in four events in the Olympics, then took off her shirt for Outsports.

Bengals punter in a Speedo. Again.

Zoltan Mesko last showed off his dogs and a Speedo last May when he was with the Patriots.

The Swimmer Calendar is something to behold

The 2014 calendar hopes to promote the sport of swimming, and apparently the gorgeous bodies of swimmers themselves

Hotties of college basketball

Who are the hottest guys in college basketball this season?


Rugby's Animal Attraction

Do you like your men with more fur? What about spots or stripes? via Four players from the Exeter Chiefs, a premiere English rugby team, donned body paint to film a...

Most photogenic player in college football

Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel is getting a lot of Internet attention after this Getty Images photo from the USC game by Jonathan Daniel made the rounds: As the Notre Dame blog One Foot...

Dieux Du Stade 2014 calendar released

The annual Dieux Du Stade calendar, which features nude and semi-nude athletes from the Stade Français rugby club and other hot French athletes, is on sale. In addition to the rugby players,...


Premier League's Nicklas Helenius shows his stuff

While Hotspurs are hanging on to a fortuitous lead over Aston Villa I stumbled over a much more interesting encounter between the two.

Vote in the Round of 64 for King of the Hardwood

Jake Dalton (Photo: Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE) Voting is underway in the round of 64 for the King of the Hardwood, where fans choose the...

Eric Decker wins King of the Hardwood, thanks fans for voting for him

Eric Decker of the Denver Broncos withstood a late surge from rugby's Nick Youngquest to win the 2011 King of the Hardwood contest, 50.5% to 49.5%. I imagine it's the only thing a Bronco will win...


KOTH final: Eric Decker vs. Nick Youngquest

Thursday is the deadline to vote in the final round in the 2011 King of the Hardwood contest, pitting Eric Decker of the Denver Broncos (top) and rugby player Nick Youngquest. In voting so far,...

King of the Hardwood: Vote for the Final Four

Voting is now open in the Final Four of the King of the Hardwood contest, and the winner will either be a soccer player, a football player, a hockey player or a rugby player. In one bracket,...

Photo: Studs of steel

Thanks to a reader for this shot of these studs looking hard and strong as steel:

King of the Hardwood: Round 2 voting

David Wright of the Mets Baseball, basketball, hockey and tennis take the stage as Round 2 begins in the 2011 King of the Hardwood contest, ...

Gareth Thomas losing in King of the Hardwood hot jock voting

The King of the Hardwood hot jock voting continues in Round 1 and I am surprised to see openly gay rugby player Gareth Thomas trailing with one day left in the voting. Thomas is losing to U.S....

Voting starts in the 2011 King of the Hardwood hot jock contest

Cristiano Ronaldo Voting has started in the 2011 King of the Hardwood contest, run by longtime Outsports poster Mariner Duck Guy. The...

Four athletes make AfterElton Hot 100

Four athletes made this year's AfterElton Hot 100. Ben Cohen (77), David Beckham (49) and Matthew Mitcham (16) all return for the second straight year, though they all dropped in ranking; And this...

Weekend Hot Jocks: Crossfit athletes

Crossfit is a fitness regimen that combines weightlifting, sprinting and gymnastics. It's a very intense workout and I have a good friend who is really into it and studying to be a trainer....

Boston holds annual Santa Speedo Run

Boston celebrated the 10th anniversary Sunday of the Santa Speedo Run, a vehicle for fund-raising and a chance to see hot guys and gals running in red Speedos. What's not to like? Example:

Weekend Hot Jock: water skier Keith St. Onge

As we dive into the cold of winter sports like skiing, I figured it's a good time to visit one of the hottest guys in the warm-weather sport of water skiing. Make that barefoot water skiing. Keith...

Athletes and the golden age of beefcake

Beefcake? What beefcake? The Village Voice's latest Pride issue features a piece by the indomitable Steve Weinstein about the golden age of...

Three athletes make AfterElton Hot 100

AfterElton has unveiled their Hot 100 for the year, and not surprisingly there are very few athletes on the list. Only three sports figures made it this year: Ben Cohen (No. 64, right), David ...

Weekend hot jock: Tomas Skoloudik

Thanks to International Jock for introducing us to Tomas Skoloudik, a Czech model who played soccer as a kid and now focuses his athletic endeavors on tennis. He's lived in the U.S. for the last...

KOTH: David Williams vs. Brad Ausmus

Ausmus, left, and Williams The finals of the King of the Hardwood are set and they pit World champ David Williams (Aussie Rugby League) and...

KOTH: Vote for the Final Four

Clockwise, from top left: Youngquest, Williams, Wright, Ausmus. It is a guaranteed baseball vs. rugby final as two players from each sport...

KOTH: Elite Eight voting starts

Kayne Lawton We are down to the Elite Eight in the King of the Hardwood contest. The four matchups are: David Wright (baseball) vs. Wes...

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