David Ortiz would 'love' a gay teammate

David Ortiz: "I love people the way they are. Especially if you are honest with yourself. You know what I'm saying? It's the (expletive) 21st century man. Get over it."


Who you got in the World Series?

Hey, where's the excitement for the World Series? It's a great match-up with the two teams that finished with the best record in baseball. The Red Sox showed grit in overcoming Detroit's dominant...

NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, WNBA & MLS join Spirit Day

Brittany McMillan's Spirit Day initiative will reach sports fans of virtually every major pro-sports league. Will we see purple on the NFL Network's Thursday Night Football?

Podcast: Collins not signed, MLB's gay policy

Plus, Cyd reports from Reykjavik where he sees the naked pictures of Aussie rugger George Burgess for the first time

Baseball's new sexual orientation policy

"Major League Baseball has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and discrimination," Commissioner Bud Selig says.

Bay Area pro teams in You Can Play video

The Giants, 49ers, Raiders, Warriors, Athletics, Sharks and Earthquakes come together with Comcast SportsNet to produce an LGBT-inclusive PSA

Nationals host two LGBT nights this season

Mark your calendars in Washington DC for June 25 and Aug. 27

Video: SF Giants owner on embracing LGBT issues

Larry Baer talks with The Last Closet about why and how the Giants have been such pioneers

Podcast: Gays & Christians find common ground

Landry Jones and Jeremy Affeldt talk about their Christian perspectives on gay athletes

Chipper Jones to Rutgers Players: 'Toughen Up'

The former Atlanta Braves standout tweets that Rutgers coach Mike Rice shouldn't have been blamed for his actions


Magic Johnson Proud of Gay Son

Earvin Johnson III, 20, hits the town with his reported boyfriend

Jose Canseco Supports Same-sex Marriage

The former Oakland A's slugger Tweets his support for marriage as the Supreme Court deliberates 'gays and ungays.' Mr. Scalia! Paging Mr. Scalia!

MLB Poised To Have First Out Player? Not So Fast.

USA Today article makes the case that Major League Baseball will have the first out gay athlete in the big pro sports

MLB Hosts LGBT Discussion At RBI Institute

Conference in Orlando aimed at bringing baseball to inner-city kids includes discussion about LGBT youth and homophobia with Wade Davis, Darnell Moore and Aaron McQuade

Gay Athlete Addresses Blue Jays On Homophobia

Jose Estevez, an out runner for Boston College and Patrick Burke of the You Can Play Project get a warm reception when they discuss homophobia in sports with the Blue Jays' minor and major leaguers.


Major League Hunks

An old favorite from the Outsports discussion board, the World Baseball Classic inspires our readers to share their favorite baseball hunks.


Why do pro athletes announce their retirement?

Mariano Rivera announces retirement waaaaaay before the season is over...

Ernie Banks, Richard Dent Back Gay Marriage

Two Chicago sports legends -- Ernie Banks and Richard Dent -- are among athletes who have signed a letterr urging Illinois legislators to pass a bill allowing same-sex marriage. Banks is known as...

Former MLB pitcher: Athletes should stay in closet

The former pitcher writes for Mile High Sports that gay athletes may have trouble controling themselves in the locker room

Allies Opening Door for Gay Jackie Robinson

Bruce Silverman discusses the importance of straight allies in winning equality in sports

Pitchers Schilling, Weaver Support Gay Athletes

Curt Schilling says he's never understood the 'issue' with gay players

Torii Hunter 'Uncomfortable' With Gay Teammate

The Detroit Tiger right fielder expresses reservations but eventual support for a potential gay teammate

NY Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard tweets 'fag'

Athlete calls his anti-gay tweet a 'little mishap,' Mets take no action

Mets Scout Shooty Babitt: Out Gays Bad For Team

Shooty Babitt says an out athlete would be 'a detriment to the team'

Ex-Baseball Owner Comes Out

Friday night was restless for Kevin McClatchy. His identity since his early 20s had been in part defined by the closet he hid in. With Saturday’s approaching dawn, that closet door would be flung...

Bryce Harper: Batting Gloveless Hurts Like a Dick

Does the Washington National outfielder speak from experience?

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