Tom Daley makes it official: 'I am a gay man'

British diver had said he fancied girls as well as guys, but now says he's gay.

Paralympic dreams

USA coach Stephanie Wheeler talks about Paralympic Games, which start Friday.

Ryan in Russia: Coming out to smiles and fear

The women hugged me, the super-sassy-dominatrix front desk girl (I want her to be my best friend) who always wore fierce heels grabs my hand and says,"I like you so much better now."

Slovenian Olympic skier has a body for days

The skier competed in four events in the Olympics, then took off her shirt for Outsports.

We failed in Sochi because we didn't risk a thing

Our LGBT efforts around the Olympics did have some positive repercussions, but we ultimately failed LGBT Russians because we didn't risk anything the way many of them risk every day.


Why this viewer didn't boycott Putin's Olympics

Last night I was on the phone with a friend and I told him I needed to cut our conversation short. The Closing Ceremonies for the Olympics were coming on and I wanted to watch. My friend asked if...

Gay 2006 U.S. Olympian: Coming out has changed

There are gay Olympians open to those people who matter to them, Brian Olsen says. "Being out to your friends, family, and team will make you a better athlete." But he argues that it's asking a lot for someone to tell the entire world they’re gay.

Ryan in Russia: A pin for a sausage

Apparently the Wave isn't the only crowd favorite we've exported to the world and here at the Sochi Olympics (we're sorry, you're welcome). Singing along to "Sweet Caroline" is a big hit, especially with the Dutch.

Out speedskater Ireen Wüst tops in medals

Wüst, the Dutch star speedskater, wins her second gold and the fifth of the Games.

Gold medals and Cold War II

First gay rights and now Ukraine. The Sochi Games are looking surreal as they near their closing ceremonies.


Winter Olympians in artistic poses

Dutch photographer Ewoud Broeksma has long specialized in shooting athletes, especially those who participate in Olympic sports. During the 2004 Summer Games, there was an exhibit of his works in...

Will the media deal with a gay athlete's tears?

Given the global uproar about Russia and gays, it hasn't surprised me to see NBC making darn sure that they celebrate heterosexuality at Russia's Winter Olympics.

He's here, he's Weir, and I'm loving it!

Criticism from the LGBT community of Johnny Weir for his "flamboyant" attire – or for going to Russia at all – couldn’t be more misplaced.

Olympic hockey players donating for every goal

Four players from the United States and Canada will donate $100 to You Can Play for every goal they score.

Ryan in Russia: Straight men like to touch

After USA's big hockey win over the Russians, Ryan was told to stay off the streets -- and not go to the Russian gay bar in Sochi.

Premature celebration nearly costs gold

Norway biathlete Emil Hegle Svendsen would fit in with NFL players who like to celebrate early by spiking the football at the 1-yard line. His premature celebration nearly cost him the gold medal...

Out women rack up medals in Sochi

Ireen Wüst wins three medals, tied for most medals at these Winter Games.

Johnny Weir designed gold-medal winning costume

The NBC commentator had a ball calling the men's long skate. Take our poll and pick your favorite costume.

Women make history in ski jumping

Thurday's medals ceremony for the first-in-history women's ski jump marks the end of a 90-year battle by women to break into this sport at Olympic levels. It was a day of upsets that saw the...

U.S. men's skaters a long shot for medals

This is not a strong American team. Who's hot and not and medal predictions for Sochi.

Ryan in Russia: Rainbows & football in Sochi

There I am standing on the roof of our hotel, watching rainbow light shows all around me, listening to THAT song ... and I'm in Russia?! It was surreal.

Russia, sport and transgender & intersex issues

Disqualified from Grenoble amid a huge scandal, 20-year-old Erik Schinegger was devastated but undaunted.

Out speedskater wins Olympic gold medal

Wüst, a Dutch star, wins her third career gold by taking the 3,000 meters.

Behind the fireworks: Politics of opening ceremony

As Sochi's opening ceremonies filled the night with fireworks and historical pageantry, and Russia was on parade wearing what Vladimir Putin calls its "new face," various human-rights battles were continuing spookily behind the show biz.

Must-watch video: The life of Olympian Cheryl Maas

Watch the great video about the home and professional life of Winter Olympian Cheryl Maas.

Greece did not wear rainbow gloves in protest

The gloves were the colors of the Olympic rings, not the gay rainbow flag.

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