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30 Coming Out Stories in 2012


Thursday is National Coming Out Day, a day for LGBT people to stand up and be counted. It's a perfect time to remind everyone that gay and lesbian athletes are part of the community of people...

Texas A&M Hosts LGBT Sports Conference


Texas A&M hosted an LGBT sports conference last week that featured a strategy session with academics and activists focused on working more closely together to end homophobia in sports. The Sexual...

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer apologizes to gay group for choice of shirt color


Urban Meyer, photo by Greg Bartram / US PRESSWIRE Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer has apologized to the Ohio State LGBT alumni...

Speaking out against non-discrimination policy


Jordan Rodgers Jordan Rodgers, quarterback at Vanderbilt University and the brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, was...

Football as a homoerotic ritual -- are players really gay?


With the Super Bowl only days away, it's time to revive a classic that has long been forgotten: An academic paper from 1978 by Cal-Berkeley anthropologist Alan Dundes called "Into the End Zone for...

The day Joe Paterno cursed me out, or why I am glad he is gone


I am a graduate of Penn State University and yet have never been a fan of football coach Joe Paterno. So I am not saddened that he is out, effective immediately. His actions – and rather inaction –...

Openly gay college athlete needs other athletes for honors thesis


We have featured Brenner Green before, a college runner in Connecticut who did a great It Gets Better video and also wrote about his coming out experiences. He has a great idea for his senior...

Expert panel debates the homophobia that confronts lesbians in sports


Portland State basketball coach Sherri Murrell When you get Pat Griffin, Lisa Howe, Lauren Lappin, Sherri Murrell and  Mechelle Voepel...

Eric Anderson's latest study shows increasing acceptance of gay athletes by teammates


Eric Anderson (aka Coach Gumby) has long been one of the world's leading academics on gay-sports issues. Recently his research revealed an increasing trend of young straight men kissing one...

Majority of NCAA trainers are gay-positive


A majority of athletic trainers at NCAA college and universities hold a positive view of of gay and lesbian student-athletes, a first-of-its-kind survey has found. Trainers also dealt with a much...

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