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Alabama vs. Notre Dame: I hope they both lose, so focus on the hotties


Cade Foster Alabama plays Notre Dame for the BCS title at the Orange Bowl tonight. Ugh and double ugh. While ESPN is orgasming over what...

Chick-fil-A Bowl and Kickoff Games should end. ACC, SEC and ESPN should pull out.


Symbols are powerful forces in our lives. The gold bands on our left ring finger show the world our commitment. The stars and stripes breed images of freedom. The five Olympic rings conjure visions...

Chargers QB Philip Rivers against gay marriage, endorses Rick Santorum


San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers endorsed Rick Santorum for president last week, specifically citing the former Pennsylvania Senator's fight against same-sex marriage. Rivers made the...

ESPN shows a little Crimson Tide nudity during Alabama postgame interview


The inadvertent locker room penis shot during a TV interview is an Internet staple and the latest comes via ESPN, which on its YouTube channel has an interview with Alabama wide receiver Kevin...

The Alabama homo "homeaux" T-shirt controversy


Unicorn Booty picked up on a site that marketed this T-shirt. It was created to sell after Alabama beat up on LSU tonight in some bowl game or something in New Orleans (the score would be printed...

Oh, I forgot -- LSU is playing Alabama in some college football game


One reason to watch -- Bama kicker Cade Foster The college football season reaches its anti-climatic climax Monday night when LSU plays...

LSU-Alabama? One more reason to blow up the BCS


Major college football is the most unsatisfying of our sports, the only one where computers and voters determine who gets to play for the "national title." This is how Nos. 2 and 3 finished in the...

LSU beats Alabama 9-6 in a snoozefest, not the "Game of the Century"


The only good thing about LSU's dull 9-6 overtime win over Alabama in a game the media hyperventilated about all week is that we won't see a rematch in the BCS title game. At least we better not....

Alabama tops AP preseason football poll


Bama QB Greg McElroy No surprise, but defending BCS champ Alabama is the overwhelming favorite to repeat as No. 1 in college football, if...

Alabama beats Texas in pedestrian BCS game


Alabama beat Texas, 37-21, to win the BCS title game in the Rose Bowl, in a game that was pretty much over when Longhorn QB Colt McCoy hurt his shoulder on his fifth snap and never returned. 'Bama...

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