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Dallas Cowboys fan petitions President Obama to fire Jerry Jones


What do you do when your team under-performs and the owner refuses to fire himself as general manager? If you're "America's team," you go to the head of America...President Barack Obama. From the D...

Wade Davis Comes Out As Gay

It’s still dark in his small Upper East Side apartment when the alarm clock introduces Wade Davis to this Thursday morning in late May. His partner, Steven, sleeps while Davis slips into his...

Manny Pacquiao takes swings against same-sex marriage


Boxer Manny Pacquiao, one of the most influential athletes in America, had some harsh words after President Obama announced his personal support for same-sex marriage. The boxing champ, who is also...

The sports world reacts to Barack Obama's marriage support and North Carolina vote


Political news of the last 48 hours, from the vote to ban same-sex marriage in North Carolina to President Barack Obama's vocal support of same-sex marriage, has crept into the sports world with...

Barack Obama's NCAA picks not so hot this year


Last year President Barack Obama was heralded as a genius and good luck charm for picking the favorite (North Carolina) to win the NCAA tournament (they did). This year, not so much. Obama's final...

Quick hits: Sosa, Marshall, Yankee, LeBron


Sammy Sosa, who just a couple weeks ago reiterated that he has never taken performance-enhancing drugs, reportedly tested positive for them in 2003. If true, Sosa, who once cheated with an...

Quick hits: Pens, Serena, Obama, Cowboys


Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Red Wings for their first Finals win this year. BTW, is anyone else annoyed by the now-stale proclamation that "now we have a series"? The world's No. 1 player...

James Harrison won't visit White House


Super Bowl champ James Harrison, who had an eye-popping interception return for a touchdown to end the first half of the Super Bowl, said he won't join the Pittsburgh Steelers when they make their...

Obama roots for Steelers, inspires Cardinals


The Arizona Cardinals are playing the "no respect" card in the Super Bowl to the hilt, pointing out that President Barack Obama is rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dan Rooney, Steelers owner...

Obama harps more on BCS


Barack Obama continued his plea for change we (almost) all can believe in: A college football playoff. Following the Florida Gators' win Thursday night, Obama was asked about the game. "If I'm...

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