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Streamline Hotel, the birthplace of NASCAR, is now a gay bar


In 1947, Bill France Sr. outlined the foundation of NASCAR in his room at the Streamline Hotel in Daytona, Fla. Now, the lounge of that hotel is a gay bar. From Yahoo! Sports: Where else could you...

State Liquor Authority taking up fight over gay sports bar Boxers in New York City


At first, residents of Manhattan neighborhood Hell's Kitchen fought the opening of gay sports bar Boxers because the entrance was withing 200 feet (the legal minimum) of a school. Now that the bar...

New Yorkers fighting opening of gay sports bar Boxers in Hell's Kitchen


Gay sports bar Boxers in New York City 's Chelsea neighborhood is looking to open a second location in Hell's Kitchen...and some New Yorkers aren't happy about it. The proposed location is around...

John Amaechi alleges racism at gay bar


John Amaechi claims that a gay bar in Manchester refused to admit him because he is black. Amaechi went to the bar Crunch Friday night and was allegedly prevented from going in while other members...

DC gay sports bar Nellie's robbed


Gay sports bars are quickly growing in number and popularity. In Washington DC, gay sports bar Nellie's has gotten so popular that it's even attracting armed robbers in broad daylight... Doug...

Gym Sportsbar opening in Los Angeles


I have heard people gay Angelenos talking about a gay sports bar in L.A. for years. On Oct. 2 those people will have to wait no longer as Gym Sportsbar will open it's West Hollywood location. It's...

Gay sports bar headed to L.A.?


It was just last week that we joined the new call for a gay sports bar in Los Angeles. Well believe it or not, our calls may soon be answered. We heard from a pretty reliable source that a gay...

Draft a gay sports bar in L.A.


There's a new Facebook group looking to start a small movement in Los Angeles to get a gay sports bar opened. From the group: This is a group for anyone and everyone who would love to have a Gay,...

Gym Sportsbar opens its "locker room"


New York's most favoritest gay sports bar, Gym Sportsbar, opened in April 2005; and on their third anniversary this weekend they are (finally) able to unveil their much-anticipated downstairs...

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