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Ex-Major Leaguer Mike Piazza: 'If I was gay, I’d be gay all the way'


Former Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza is out with his memoir and in it he reiterates what he said publicly in 2002 -- he is not gay. The New York Post has excerpts from...

Gay baseball player at MIT

Sean Karson is the third-baseman for MIT's baseball team. He hit .350 as a sophomore last season and is co-captain of this year's team. A chemistry and computer science major, Karson spent Super...


Pitchers Schilling, Weaver Support Gay Athletes

Curt Schilling says he's never understood the 'issue' with gay players

Rays trade for Yunel Escobar, say he's changed from gay slur incident


Yunel Escobar (Photo: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports) Yunel Escobar is most known for writing a gay slur in Spanish in eye black and then...

Baseball novel 'Fontana' deals with the outing of a gay New York Met


Editor's note: Joshua Martino's novel "Fontana" was called "illuminating and  beautifully written" by the Advocate. Outsports asked him to write about his motivations for writing the book. By...

The desperate consequence of casual words

Locker room language drove closeted baseball player James Nutter to embark on a suicide attempt. Now he wants to help gay athletes find their way out of the closet.

Producers of gay baseball movie "The First Out" start Kickstarter campaign to raise money


Scene from "The First Out" trailer Producers of "The First Out," a film about a teenage baseball phenom who is outed after being drafted...

Eye on sports: Our favorite photos of the week


1 We present our favorite photos of the past sports week. This week’s offerings include a shirtless soccer celebration, the World Series and...

Minor League Baseball Player Comes Out

John Dillinger (Photo by: Robbie Quinn) John Dillinger did a double-take as he walked through the lobby of the Seaport Marina Hotel in Long...

Texas Rangers' Derek Holland says 'fag' tweet wasn't his


Derek Holland (Photo: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE) Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland says a tweet from his account calling a fan a "fag" was...

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