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Bye bye BCS: College football has a playoff!


Hallelujah! Despite the chorus of naysayers who in recent years have said a college football player could "never" happen, the powers-that-be have finally come to their senses and created a system...

The Alabama homo "homeaux" T-shirt controversy


Unicorn Booty picked up on a site that marketed this T-shirt. It was created to sell after Alabama beat up on LSU tonight in some bowl game or something in New Orleans (the score would be printed...

Oh, I forgot -- LSU is playing Alabama in some college football game


One reason to watch -- Bama kicker Cade Foster The college football season reaches its anti-climatic climax Monday night when LSU plays...

LSU-Alabama? One more reason to blow up the BCS


Major college football is the most unsatisfying of our sports, the only one where computers and voters determine who gets to play for the "national title." This is how Nos. 2 and 3 finished in the...

BCS mess: Oklahoma State loses to Iowa State, so who's No. 2?


I love it when the bogus BCS is a mess. Major college football stubbornly refuses to have a playoff and the result is a unsatisfying system that got turned upside down Friday night when Iowa State...

Did you watch the BullCrap Series game?


Someone lamented that we have not posted about the BullCrap Series game last night, so I'm filling the void. I was in annual "boycott the BCS title game" mode so I didn't watch it. The system is a...

Podcast: Sports pet peeves


Before we give thanks later this month, we talk on our latest podcast about what bugs us in sports. We discuss the complaints we get from readers about topics we put on our blog. Also, the...

National champs? It won't be Alabama


It is all but certain that there will be a new BCS champion in college football after Alabama fell to LSU, 24-21. It is Alabama's second loss, all but eliminating them from title contention. The...

Who will win the Texas-Alabama game?


Texas' Jordan Shipley Unlike Cyd (see post below), I will watch the BCS title game between Alabama and Texas. Not because I think the winner...

If you wanna skip the BS game...


If you're like me and won't be watching the BS game Thursday night, I figured I'd point out what else you can watch on TV. While the networks are throwing up their predictable January reruns,...

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