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Steve Buckley reporting on Boston sports like he always did, wins Telly Award


What I love most about Steve Buckley is that he does his job. The Boston Herald sports columnist came out of the closet publicly last year. While he's happy to appear at Boston gay softball events,...

Red Sox complete greatest Sept. choke in baseball history; Braves a close second


The Boston Red Sox led the Tampa Bay Rays by nine games on Sept. 4. And last night the lead went poof and the Rays completed the biggest September comeback for a playoff spot in Major League...

All of a sudden, Red Sox and Rays give us a race to watch in September


Sam Fuld Just a couple weeks ago, baseball's talking heads were repeating the same line: "What a boring September. All the races are over."...

Red Sox release powerful 'It Gets Better' video with Francona, Youkilis, Varitek


The Boston Red Sox are now the third MLB team to release an 'It Gets Better' video. And this one's the best of them all. It features manager Terry Francona (right) and star players Kevin Youkilis...

Boston Red Sox, prodded by 12-year-old boy, to produce an 'It Gets Better' video


Sam Maden and his late uncle Chris Nutile The Boston Red Sox have announced they will produce an anti-bullying "It Gets Better" video. The...

Life is good: Baseball is back!


Opening Day 2011 has arrived! In an attempt not to have baseball played in November again, the 2011 season began a few days earlier than in seasons past. So I had no choice but to blow off work,...

Podcast: Steve Buckley joins us to talk about coming out and supportive athletes


Boston Herald sports columnist Steve Buckley, who came out publicly in January, joins us to talk about the athletes who embraced him after he came out, how long it will be before we have an out...

Boston Red Sox endorse hazing


There are few stories that come across my inbox that make me more mad than hazing stories. The latest comes from yet another sports franchise that "prides" itself on its hazing tradition: The...

Quick hits: Yankees, Boras, Nationals, Favre


If the Yankees were just 3-4 against the Red Sox this season, they'd have a 2-game division lead. Another example of the horrible nature of sports agents: Boras wants crazy money for a rookie...

Quick hits: Favre, Sox, soccer, Facebook


The tea leaves this morning point to Brett Favre wearing purple this season. Favre: "Yay, more attention for me me me!" A Vermont Hooters manager "sabotages" the Red Sox by "planting" Yankee...

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