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Patriots fans not letting Brandon Spikes off the hook for gay tweet

While most of the country yawned at Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes' "homophobic" joke on Twitter two weeks ago, some in New England aren't satisfied with the non-response from the team and no...

New England Patriot Brandon Spikes would scream if a gay man were in his bathtub

New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes made a strange gay joke on Twitter yesterday. Spikes doesn't have much past with the issue, so it came out of nowhere. And just hours before National...

Brandon Spikes really believes that Tim Tebow can heal the blind

Why else would he try to gouge out the Georgia running back's eyes?

Wait a sec, isnt Brandon Spikes with Doc's daughter?

Isn't Doc Rivers's daughter dating Brandon Spikes? If so, in the chatroulette video is that Doc Rivers daughter in the bikini? Or did B-Spikes just get caught? Either way, old man Doc can't be too happy with this publicity. Sorry, if someone already mentioned this, it just hit me.

Wait there's a Brandon Spikes sex tape? umm ewwwww

Deadspin breaks the important stories once again.

Brandon Spikes Suspended For First Half of Next Game for Eye-Gouge

For that, Brandon Spikes, you get this punishment meted out by Urban Meyer, via the Palm Beach Post's Ben Volin:⇥⇥Urban suspends Spikes for the first part of this weeks Vandy gameUm....

New York Giants notes: Feagles kicked out?

New York Giants notes: Feagles kicked out?

You Stay Classy, Brandon Spikes

He's ONLY suspended for the first half against Vandy. Seriously? What the hell kind of punishment is that? He tried to BLIND someone!

New Orleans Saints Gigantically Huge Mock Draft Database: The Big Board

Here's how this works: Directly below is a list of every player picked by one of the 142 mock drafts and how many times they were picked. After the jump is the actual database that lists the mock...

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