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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond


We're back to our regular NFL Thoughts this week, be sure to leave any of your thoughts in the comment thread.


Bama 2014 Football Schedule Completed

The 2014 Alabama football schedule has been completed adding Southern Miss. This makes the out-of-conference slate West Virginia, FAU, USM, and Western Carolina. Three of those games will be...

Jonathan Vilma bans Outsports from Twitter account, sues Roger Goodell


Jonathan Vilma isn't a nice guy. Recently he tweeted a couple items that some perceived to be homophobic messages; His response was to lash out at anyone who questioned him. When he was implicated...

Jonathan Vilma, accused of bounty on Brett Favre, tweets 'yuck' about man crush


I'm so glad the New Orleans Saints are being ripped apart for putting bounties on the heads of their opponents. And I'm glad for two reasons. First, the act is the most despicable in all of...

Does Brett Favre want dirty massages?


Two massage therapists are suing Brett Favre and the New York Jets saying they lost their job with the team after complaining about sexually suggestive text messages from No. 4. From the Associated...

Brett Favre. Naked. (Allegedly.)


Jim and Cyd are in Phoenix so I'll keep you up to date on the gay newz and notez for the weekend. (Or until they revoke my access! WHEE!) For the 2 of you left that hadn't seen or heard about it,...

2010 NFL bold predictions


It's the opening day of the NFL season, and visions of Brett Favres are dancing in my head. I've been called "crackhead" in the past because I tend to make wild, outrageous NFL predictions...that...

Brett Favre is back. Again. Snooze.


Zzzzzzz. That's pretty much been the response to Brett Favre's announcement today that he is coming back for a 20th season in the NFL. Sports Illustrated has obviously decided not to play into his...

Woman: Brett Favre sent me penis pics


Cheerleader and model Jenn Sterger says that Brett Favre sent her pictures of his penis while she was a sideline reporter for the New York Jets in 2008 and he was the team's quarterback. Deadspin...

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