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HBO's Real Sports asks why pro athletes aren't coming out. Tonight at 10pm!


Tonight HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel dives into the increasingly pertinent question: Why has a big-time pro team-sport athlete not come out in the United States? For the piece, Jon Frankel...

Bryant Gumbel addresses gays in sports tonight on HBO


Tonight Bryant Gumbel will offer a closing commentary on his HBO Real Sports show about gays in sports. He talks very positively about the issue, but he says he feels like he shouldn't have to talk...

HBO talks with transgender sportswriters


Tonight's episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel features a segment called "The Big Switch," about three transgender sportswriters: Christina Kahrl of Baseball Prospectus; Bobbie Dittmeier of...

Grizzlies Writers Roundtable Discussion About... The Grizzlies


The dudes over at 3 Shade of Blue asked a couple of Grizzlies writers, including Matt Moore (CBS and Harwood Paroxysm), Chris Herrington (Memphis Flyer) and myself, along with their excellent team of writers to answer a few Grizzlies-related questions. This was a lot of fun, and is definitely worth a look. And in case you didn't notice, ESPN has five, yes FIVE, Grizzlies listed among their Top 74 players in the NBA. Not too bad at all, if you ask me.

Chuck Liddell Versus....Bryant Gumbel?


Chuck Liddell, pictured, makes it very clear that Bryant Gumbel's Real Sports profile of Jay Glazer better be a positive piece.

The HBO Special I Hate Auburn Open Comment Thread


A little over a year ago, Lane Kiffin bolted Knoxville in the dead of night, prompting a raucous comment thread that occurred while DavetheDawg was asleep. Dave was so dismayed that he e-mailed me...

Kentucky Basketball: Bryant Gumbel, Clumsy Oaf


Kentucky Basketball: Bryant Gumbel, Clumsy Oaf. Bryant Gumbel has removed all doubt -- about himself.

Tonya Harding on Real Sports Tonight


Sorry for the late notice but Tonya Harding is on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel at 10pm tonight on HBO.

NFL network hires Bob Papa as new PBP guy


  All I can say is thank you football gods for making the folks at NFL network realize that Bryant Gumbel was a complete disaster as a play by play guy. I'm not even exaggerating when I say...

Goodbye to Gumbel and Rick Romo


A moment of silence for Bryant Gumbel.Bryant Gumbel was the NFL Network’s go-to-play-by-play man for two years. He recently decided to forego another season.Thank God.Gumbel is an accomplished...

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