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Gimme a Break: Complainting about Bullying & Trying Too Hard

Two really interesting and diametrically opposed things happened last weekend. Aledo On Friday night, Aledo HS beat Fort Worth Western Hills 91-0 and afterward a parent felt the need to file a...

Dave Meltzer on recent bullying in WWE developmental


"I know that some of the developmental people went, at least one person from developmental went to human resources about one of their superiors not all that long ago." The superior in question is likely head NXT trainer Bill DeMott, who has faced complaints about being a bully before and apparently hasn't changed his ways. See our article from five months ago: Head WWE trainer Bill DeMott attacked on Twitter by former trainee Kevin Matthews.

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The desperate consequence of casual words

Locker room language drove closeted baseball player James Nutter to embark on a suicide attempt. Now he wants to help gay athletes find their way out of the closet.

Bullied football player Kacey Strough expected to survive brain surgery


Bullied football player Kasey Strough More details are emerging about the attack on 16-year-old Iowa football player Kacey Strough that sent...

Bullied Iowa high school football player in a coma after attack by teammates


A 16-year-old Iowa high school football player is in a coma after brain surgery. Last week his teammates unleashed a series of attacks to Kacey Strough's head with a football. Strough allegedly...

Ben Cohen launches 'StandUp Magazine'


Former world-class rugby player Ben Cohen, who has turned his full-time attention to combatting bullying, is launching a quarterly magazine called StandUp Magazine. The magazine will be published...

Ben Cohen strips down to his underwear for new calendar


It seems half the time we're writing about Ben Cohen, he's taking his shirt off or stripping down to his underwear. And with the way so many gay men fawn over him, we can't blame him! This time...

Football players at Johnson High School in San Antonio stand up for bullied teens


Quarterback Cohner Mokry stands up to bullies For all those people who still think every football player is a bullying thug, check out this...

Cypress Ranch High School students and athletes say "No" to bullying - video


Cypress Ranch High School students and athletes rallied together to produce a fantastic anti-bullying music video. The song, "Who Do U Think U R?" was written by Cypress Ranch student Kaitlyn K,...

GLSEN gay bullying 'Think before you speak' PSA to run at Super Bowl XLVI


GLSEN has announced that PSAs about anti-gay bullying will run on a video billboard outside Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis as football fans enter the Super Bowl. The "Think Before You Speak" ads...

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