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Neil Patrick Harris & CBS slammed by Christians for mimicking Tim Tebow in Super Bowl ad


Neil Patrick Harris and CBS are being slammed by some Christians for the openly gay actor's apparent nod to New York Jets "quarterback" Tim Tebow in a recent Super Bowl ad. In the commercial, NPH...

Jason Alexander calls cricket a 'gay' sport, reinforces every stereotype known to man


Actor Jason Alexander decided to tell everyone exactly what he thinks of gay men on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Talk turned from poker, which Alexander obviously thinks is a masculine...

Who are the hotties of March Madness?


Next week we'll highlight some of the players to watch this March Madness in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. And we'd like your help finding them! With so many small schools making their way...

Moment #55: Jim Bouton's 'Ball Four' TV show includes gay ballplayer


Part of Outsports’ series on our 100 most important moments in gay sports history. Baseball, 1976. Major League pitcher Jim Bouton had caused quite a stir with his 1970 book, Ball Four. The book...

Tebow/Focus Super Bowl ad: least-watched


I had no idea that the Nielsen Company was this detailed. They actually provide individual ratings for the TV commercials shown during the Super Bowl. The most-watched commercial was the Doritos...

CBS: No gays. But violence, sex, drugs OK.


I've rarely been as pissed at the Super Bowl ads as I was yesterday. CBS rejected two gay-themed ads (albeit the production value of one was so low that I would have rejected it) because of their...

Watch the bizarre Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad


What were they thinking? The Focus on the Family ad that aired during the Super Bowl aimed at fighting abortion instead promoted domestic violence with Tim Tebow tackling his mother. When it...

CBS helped write Focus on the Family script


Not only has CBS agreed to break its policy against political advocacy ads, but they helped the anti-gay Focus on the Family craft their anti-abortion commercial starring Tim Tebow! Gary...

Mancrunch Super Bowl ad is really bad. Hoax?


For everyone (including myself) who wanted to say CBS's potential rejection of the Mancrunch ad featuring two men kissing implied some homophobia, I present you evidence to another possibility:...

CBS hasn't approved Mancrunch, GoDaddy ads


The excuses are running out for CBS regarding their decision to air an advocacy ad against abortion, created by the hate group Focus on the Family and starring Tim Tebow, during the Super Bowl. The...

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