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Chicago Cubs release 'It Gets Better' video with Mike Quade, Ryan Dempster, Marlon Byrd...


The Chicago Cubs have released their 1-minute promised "It Gets Better" video aimed at telling kids that life gets better and telling everyone else that bullying shouldn't be tolerated. They're the...

Chicago Cubs to release 'It Gets Better' video


Just days after the San Francisco Giants became the first pro sports team to release an 'It Gets Better' video to combat homophobia in sports, the Chicago Cubs have announced they will record a...

HOFer Ernie Banks in gay pride parade


While we already reported the Chicago Cubs will have a float in the Chicago Gay Pride parade this Sunday, they've now announced that Hall of Famer Ernie Banks will represent the team on the float! C...

Cubs and Blackhawks join Chicago Gay Pride


Although many in Chicago are curious whether the Chicago Blackhawks - and the Stanley Cup - will accept the invitation to participate in the Chicago Gay Pride Parade on June 27, one Chicago pro...

Lesbian now owns the Chicago Cubs


The Windy City Times is reporting that the Chicago Cubs are the first team with an openly gay owner. The team was purchased for a reported $845 million by the Ricketts family. Among the purchasers...

Cubs fans: losers, not so lovable


Well, well, well. Once again we have one of those moments that, if it happened in Philadelphia, would result in days of media outrage. Since it didn't, even if it is talked about on ESPN, MLB...

Some Chicago fans wear their homophobia


News flash: Homophobia lives on in Chicago baseball. At the recent Cubs-White Sox series, fans of the White Sox apparently decided that it would be fun to point out how Gaaaaay the Cubs are. Some...

Mr. T and Old Glory sing at Cubs game


Mr. T is getting lots of attention for his singing of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at the Cubs game yesterday. He did a fine job singing. Not great, but fine. But that outfit, oh that outfit! But...

Why the Cubs must NEVER win the Series


Denise Richards "singing" Take Me Out To The Ballgame in the seventh-inning stretch at Wrigley Field on Friday: [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S77mIxm75PA] If the Cubs are going to keep...

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