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Ron Brown, Nebraska football coach, testifies homosexuality is sin, wants God to dictate law


Nebraska running backs coach Ron Brown testified before the Omaha City Council against a bill that would protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination (video below)....

Why I hate Tim Tebow


I hate Tim Tebow. OK, hate is a strong word. Despise. Vehemently dislike. Whatever. I hate that guy. And I hate him more after his win over the New York Jets on Thursday. Let me be clear: I hate...

Kurt Warner is worried you're going to hell.


A bunch of indy filmmakers have set out on a mission to show the mysteries and controversy behind the identity of God, as seen by our culture and society. The film is called God In The Box. One of...

2011 SEC Media Days: Mark Richt Brings Message of Hope to the Georgia Bulldogs Faithful


Mark Richt didn't say a lot at the 2011 SEC Media Days on Thursday, but the way the embattled head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs said it mattered a great deal on the verge of what could be his last...

Mark Richt, the 2011 Georgia Bulldogs, and the Need for Boldness


What does Mark Richt need to do to make the Georgia Bulldogs' 2011 college football season a success? Dawg Sports believes a return to the boldness of previous years would serve the program well.

Where Should Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs Turn if the Decline of Their Football Team Forces Them to Change Religions?


Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs have explored every temporal option for correcting the problems of their football team, but Dawg Sports (jokingly) suggests an eternal fix: changing religions.

The Georgia Bulldogs' Journey from Athens to Anathoth: A Jeremiad (Literally) in Defense of Mark Richt


Mark Richt is a man of deep religious faith, so it is only fitting that Dawg Sports would look to Scripture to find a reason for believing in the head football coach in charge of the Georgia Bulldogs.

Baptist Minister says UFC fans shall burn in the fiery pits of Hell


A look at the ministrations of an anti-UFC pastor.

If the Going Got Tough, Would Mark Richt Get Going . . . to Another Program?


A recent list of SEC coaches pegged the Georgia Bulldogs' Mark Richt as the second-most likely skipper in the league to bolt for another program. Dawg Sports explains why that's just stupid.

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