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Three Out Sports Pros Join You Can Play Board

Wade Davis, Esera Tuaolo, Christina Kahrl all lend their voices to the group's push for equality in sports

Remembering Christine Daniels on this Transgender Day of Remembrance


Christine Daniels With today's International Transgender Day of Remembrance, my mind has wandered all day to Christine Daniels. Hers was a...

Christina Kahrl's growing legacy of change


I got to meet sportswriter Christina Kahrl this week as she was in town for the All-Star Game. She's a lovely woman, soft-spoken with a mind wrapped around baseball. Her presence dominates a room...

HBO talks with transgender sportswriters


Tonight's episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel features a segment called "The Big Switch," about three transgender sportswriters: Christina Kahrl of Baseball Prospectus; Bobbie Dittmeier of...

Evening Prowl: Voting Verlander, Ernie Harwell, and Granderson's Hitting


A trip around the Detroit Tigers news cycle and blogosphere, including defending a vote for Justin Verlander, highlights of Ernie Harwell's interview with Bob Costas, and looking at Curtis...

5 Essay Titles, One of Which Will Make Me the Shoo-In Winner of BP Idol

  1. Defensive Metric Showdown: FRAA vs. Rate2
  2. Beating Marcel in Most Categories as a Baseline for "Deadly Accuracy"
  3. References to Edward Gibbon: The Key to Successful Transaction Analysis
  4. If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It (for at least 3 years): The History and Development of WARP
  5. Yeah, but What Was Sean Smith's Prediction for the 2008 Election?

BBWAA enters the 1990s


Will Carroll, Christina Kahrl, Rob Neyer, and Keith Law all admitted. What a ...dubious honor Meh, whatever. Good for all of them. Just in time, too, as Carroll and Kahrl sound more like defenders of the baseball establishment and their super-secret team management techniques with every post. Still like'em, though. Good ol' Keith Law has one of the quotes of the year... Commence Neyer-bashing in 3, 2...

BBWAA reverses course, admits Neyer and Law


In other news from the Bellagio, the BBWAA has voted to approve four new net-centric scribes, including Will Carroll and Christina Kahrl of Baseball Prospectus and Rob Neyer and Keith Law of ESPN.com. Last year, Neyer and Law weren't good enough, but they've been granted the keys to the fluorescent green chartreuse BBWAA washroom.

Shrewd Offseason Has Paid Off on the South Side


Essentially a watered-down BP piece by Christina Kahrl in the NY Sun

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