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Kluwe: Gay Players Everywhere in the NFL

The Minnesota Viking writes for Salon.com about the presence of gay athletes in the NFL

Closeted gay pro hockey player tells his story to Puckbuddys


A gay professional hockey player in Europe has written a lengthy piece about his life and career for the hockey blog Puckbuddys. While he doesn't reveal his true identity, he talks about the ups...

GO! Athletes is making waves for LGBTQ athletes


Relaunched LGBTQ student-athlete organization is making inroads, building membership and expanding quickly Anna Aagenes My college...

John Fashanu claims brother Justin Fashanu was not gay


John Fashanu, brother of the late Justin Fashanu (right), claims his brother was not gay and "came out" simply to get attention. John, himself a former professional footballer, said last week: My...

Joel Schumacher directs 'Man in the Mirror' about closeted high school jock


Openly gay film director Joel Schumacher has gotten behind the lens for a new short film, Man in the Mirror, which is now in the PBS Online Film Festival. The story is about basketball star Jason,...

LGBT Coaches Need More Support

Athlete Ally founder Hudson Taylor says coaches need the public support now being given to athletes

Another gay teenager, Jeffrey Fehr, commits suicide. Closeted athletes still offer no help.


Every time I see a kid has killed himself, I can't help but think about the professional athletes who are closeted. In case you missed it, teenager Jeffrey Fehr killed himself near Sacramento,...

David Testo, Ex-Soccer Player, Is Gay

Moments after professional soccer player David Testo publicly came out of the closet in an interview with Radio-Canada’s Marie Malchelosse, the reporter warned Testo that his revelation would have...

Gay Gymasts At Michigan

By Ben Baldus-Strauss and Evan Heiter, with Cyd Zeigler Evan Heiter (left) and Ben Baldus-Strauss Editor’s Note: Ben and Evan...

Alleged closeted gay Div.1 football player taking your questions


We have no idea if this person is legit (and frankly, after the Mikey hoax, we wouldn't trust any anonymous person on the Internet). But someone on Reddit claims to be a starting offensive lineman...

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