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WrestlePawp: Triple H Buries the Olympics and Other Fun Spots

Professional Wrestling has been a part of popular culture for decades now, and that has certainly created great moments in wrestling history. In my new series WrestlePawp, I look to see which...

Breaking Down The Downstream Casino Commercials


Starring Barry Switzer, John Daly, Billy Sims and others, Downstream Casino Resort creates commercials that deserve to be shared all over the world.

Ferris Bueller stealing the Super Bowl show


While the Super Bowl, pitting the New England Patriots against the New York Giants, will threaten to be the most-hyped football game in memory, the commercials are giving the game a run for its...

Drag commercial headed for Super Bowl?


Every year for the last few years, gay watchdogs like GLAAD and Commercial Closet have given out kudos and/or handslaps to companies for their Super Bowl commercials, based on how gay-friendly the...

The hottest commercial, hands down


It would be hard to top the hotness of the discus thrower in this GE ad: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULx0I0Pogo8

Tom Seaver Spreads Baseball Fever with Stats


Do you remember "Baseball Fever: Catch It!"? Of course. Do you remember Tom Seaver teaching you ERA? Probably not.

Monday Morning Dawg Bites - Toking with Lawrence Welk? Edition


Good morning, everyone. Here we are, once again, with another wonderful work week ahead of us. The Super Bowl now in the books, we're on a football hiatus until September, so we can go ahead and...

Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Video sneak peek of Chuck Liddell's Kia Ad


Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell gets back inside the Octagon to flash his trademark celebratory pose in this sneak peek of the new Kia Motors Super Bowl commercial.

Let's Go to the Videotape: Mike Piazza Heartily Endorses This Event or Product


Let's Go to the Videotape wishes we could share awesome in-game footage of Mike Piazza. Please accept these weird commercials instead.

Do you have a puppy? Does that puppy love the sounders?


Puppy needed for a Seattle Sounder Shoot this week. Craigslist request.

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