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Jason Alexander offers the greatest apology in history for 'gay cricket' joke


Comedian Jason Alexander last week repeatedly joked on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson that cricket is a 'gay sport.' He went on to mimic cricket bowlers in a stereotypically gay fashion....

Jason Alexander calls cricket a 'gay' sport, reinforces every stereotype known to man


Actor Jason Alexander decided to tell everyone exactly what he thinks of gay men on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Talk turned from poker, which Alexander obviously thinks is a masculine...

Former Australian cricket player Peter Roebuck leaps to death after sex assault inquiry


Peter Roebuck, 55, a former Australian cricket player turned a well-known commentator on the sport, leaped 70 feet to his death last week after police came to his South African hotel room to quiz...

Moment #73: Steven Davies is first international cricketer to come out


Part of Outsports’ series on our 100 most important moments in gay sports history. Cricket, 2011. On Feb. 27, 2011, Steven Davies became the first publicly out international cricketer in history....

Video: English cricket player Steven Davies announces he is gay


This is big news in the cricket world -- English wicketkeeper Steven Davies has announced he is gay, the first active cricket player to do so. From the London Telegraph: Davies, who told his...

Straight cricket player poses nude for gay mag


Jimmy Anderson, a cricket star in England who is married with a child and another one due, has posed naked for the British gay magazine Attitude. Reports the Daily Mail: The October issue,...

Hot cricketers got naked for charity


Not sure how we missed this one, but three English cricketers appeared naked (and holding well-positioned bats) in this past May's British version of Cosmo. The gents are Stuart Broad, James...

Video: Cricket throw takes out pigeon


What are the odds that a thrown cricket ball could knock down a pigeon? It happened at this English match:

The hottest player in Indian cricket


From the world of cricket, a sport quite popular in countries once part of the British Empire, comes a poll from the Indian site Gay Bombay on the hottest players in the sport. The site is run by...

A streaker gets drilled


Video of a 26-year-old streaker getting decked by Australian cricket player Andrew Symonds during a match in Brisbane. [youtube:http://youtube.com/watch?v=Vje4KhIoAAM]

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