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Moment #37: Eric Anderson's runner attacked allegedly for coach being gay


Part of Outsports’ series on our 100 most important moments in gay sports history. Cross-country, 1996. We hear about the fear of "guilt by association" driving homophobia in locker rooms, but we...

Runner's World sparks debate after featuring story of openly gay runner Austin Hendrix


The Associated Press ran a detailed feature on gays in sports, with the focus on Eastern Michigan runner Austin Hendrix. I had spoken to the writer, Nancy Armour, and she had found Austin's t...

Gay high school athletes blog


“Three kids. Three time zones. One mission …” That’s the tagline for a fantastic new blog, “Walk the Road” (with the url www.bradrobertben.wordpress.com), created and written by three gay teenage...

A gay athlete's "It Gets Better" video


We wrote yesterday about Eastern Michigan starting a group for gay athletes and their allies. One of the board members is Austin Hendrix, 21, a runner on the school's cross-country team. Hendrix...

College runner's coming out journey


We have a terrific first-person account about the coming out journey of a collegiate cross country runner. While he allows us to use the name of his school, he is using a pseudonym for now since he...

Closeted high school runner's blog


It seems like there's a new closeted athlete blogging every month, and March is no different. Meet Jon, a high school freshman in the Pacific Northwest, who calls himself the Rainbow Runner. He...

Out college runner


Steven Millard is a cross-country runner at Willamette College in Oregon and among the new breed of gay jocks who are out and not afraid to tell their stories. Cyd did a terrific Q&A with the...

Amazing photo finish in cross country


The best event I've seen so far has been the men's individual sprint in cross country. The final pits the top six qualifiers in a mile sprint that was exciting and had an awesome ending where two...

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