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Dallas Cowboys fan petitions President Obama to fire Jerry Jones


What do you do when your team under-performs and the owner refuses to fire himself as general manager? If you're "America's team," you go to the head of America...President Barack Obama. From the D...

Cowboys.com launches as a dating site for dudes into cowboys


Anyone who types in "cowboys.com" expecting to find out about Tony Romo, Miles Austin or Jason Witten, will instead find profiles allegedly of men looking for their own cowpoke. The site launched...

NFL Week 13: Cowboys lose as only they can; Denver Tebows win again


Hot player of the week How I saw Week 13 of the NFL: How bout dem Cowboys? Leave it to the Cowboys to lose a game like no one else ever has,...

Leon Lett and the dumbest play in Thanksgiving game history


The only words you will hear more than "Happy Thanksgiving" this Thursday are likely to be "Leon Lett."  That's because the former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle committed the most boneheaded play...

Stop the gay rumor-mongering against Troy Aikman and others


Troy Aikman gay rumors again took center stage last week when the Hall of Fame quarterback was asked by Dallas radio host Dan McDowell about Skip Bayless’ 1996 book that discussed rumors that...

Saints lose to Cowboys, unbeaten no more


Tony Romo So much for two unbeaten teams meeting the Super Bowl. The Dallas Cowboys spoiled the New Orleans Saints' perfect season, going...

Dallas Cowboys and a long December


When asked at Monday's press conference about the team's routine December decline, coach Wade Philips lost his cool a bit, of course blaming the perception on the media. No, I don't think it's a...

The NFL says, Do Over!


"Why should I decide what to watch, when Tyranno-vision does it for me!" So let me set the stage.  Jerry Jones spends $1 billion dollars of...

Quick hits: Cowboys, Spurs, Lance


Three Dallas Cowboy offensive lineman have signed a deal to put out a heavy metal album. Good think the 'Boys got rid of T.O. and all of those distractions!! San Antonio Spurs trade three players...

Quick hits: Tiger, Lakers, Nadal, Pacman


After two months of "Tiger Woods is finished" talk, Woods comes back from 4 shots down to win the Memorial. Welcome to two weeks of "Tiger Woods is immortal" talk. Soon to be followed by "Tiger...

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