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Cedric Ceballos Is OK With Gay Athletes

The former NBA All-Star talks to Outsports about his gay former teammate

Mark Cuban makes distasteful 'boyfriend' joke at the expense of Bill Simmons, apologizes

Mark Cuban has seemed to be a great ally of the LGBT community over the years, even saying that the first out pro athlete in North America would make a boatload of cash. But there's still a little...

Deadspin reaches with item wondering if Dirk Nowitzki used gay slur

Dirk Nowitzki I am a fan of Deadspin, read it daily and often find stories for this site on stuff they've run. But they are really reaching...

Mark Cuban says an NBA player will come out in the next 'three to five years'

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban joined TMZ Live recently to talk about the prospects of a female coach in the NBA. Cuban said the NBA will eventually embrace a female coach, just as they will...

Video: Andrew Bynum deserves 20-game suspension, Lakers should cut him tomorrow

I've only been watching professional basketball for about 30 years, so I can't speak about the whole history of basketball. But Los Angeles Laker Andrew Bynum's flagrant, intentional foul on Dallas...

Celtics and Lakers down, did LeBron's "decision" signal changing of the guard?

The top two NBA franchises for several years have been the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Now both teams are down, 0-2. While the Celtics had won their first three games against the...

NBA's Tim Thomas accused of anti-gay slur

A partron at a Dallas Denny's told police and the Dallas Morning News that Dallas Mavericks forward Tim Thomas called he and his friends "faggots" during an incident that escalated into chair...

Did Drew Gooden call fan a 'faggot'?

A Los Angeles Clippers fan is accusing Maverick Drew Gooden of calling him a "faggot" after the two teams clashed at the Staples Center on Halloween. Mavs owner Mark Cuban say he's going to handle...

Quick hits: Mavs, Vick, Noah, NHL

Mavericks beat Manu-less Spurs, 4-1. Celts and Bulls go to overtime again. Dog-loving owner of Arena Football team pissed that his management offered Michael Vick a contract. Funny, I was just...

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