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Soccer's Anton Hysen wins Sweden's "Let's Dance," talks about his butt


June 1 update: Hysen and his partner Sigrid Bernson won the title. He just tweeted: Original story: Swedish soccer player Anton Hysen, who came out as gay last year, has reached the finals of the...

Anton Hysen has moves like Jagger


Out pro Swedish soccer player Anton Hysen took the stage for Just Dance, Sweden's version of Dancing With The Stars. While the routine wasn't super complicated, Hysen showed a real knack for dance....

Martina joins Twitter, shows off her sense of humor...and ping-pong skeelz


Martina Navratilova's image for years has been that of a hard, somewhat gruff tennis robot. When I talked with her several years ago, I found her to be incredibly friendly and warm; So it's nice to...

Martina Navratilova on this season's 'Dancing With The Stars'


Out tennis legend Martina Navratilova will be one of the contestants on this season's 'Dancing With the Stars,' ABC has announced. I've gotta believe she has a good shot, with her athletic prowess...

Greg Louganis wants to be on 'Dancing with the Stars'


Openly gay and HIV-positive Olympic diving legend Greg Louganis wants to waltz on ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars' next season. Louganis fans have created a Facebook campaign to push the alphabet...

Racing champ Niki Lauda is homophobic


Niki Lauda was a Formula One champ back in the 1970s and '80s. Now he says gays shouldn't dance on TV, which is essentially saying he doesn't want any dancing on TV (stereotype alert! stereotype...

More athletes are 'Dancing with the Stars'


Two-time NFL MVP Kurt Warner is one of the big names announced for the next season of Dancing with the Stars. Arizona Cardinals fans still holding out hope that Warner will come back to the team...

Chad Ochocinco, Evan Lysacek on DWTS


ABC has announced the celebrity lineup for the new season of Dancing With The Stars. As usual, it includes people with connections to the world of sports. I have no idea how this will play out on...

Ellen shows (gay) footballers dancing


I was so happy to see the Boston gay football league's dance video did finally end up on Ellen. It's great exposure for gay athletes to be shown having fun on one of daytime's most popular shows....

Boston gay football dances all over Beantown


The Boston gay football league sent over a video of some members dancing to Jai Ho, a la the final scene from Slumdog Millionaire. Their hope is that Ellen will take notice and put them on her...

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