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Is it really necessary for Chip Kelly to name a starting quarterback before training camp?

Michael Vick has been clamoring for a starting quarterback to be named, and you can add DeSean Jackson to that list as well. It seems Vick would like a starting quarterback to named because he's...

Battle Red Newswire: Brave Squirrels of Clemson


You know the offseason grind is in full force when a discussion of J.J. Watt's Nikes is more interesting than anything else. But that's the opinion of a guy who didn't get to go to #FPSF.

Vote: Who is Outsports' Jerk of the Year?


Last day to vote! Every year we crown our annual 'Jerk of the Year,' honoring those in sports who were, well, jerks. Last year's 'Jerk of the Year' was the Belmont University administration, who...

Phillies to say "It Gets Better" (finally)


In the end, it seems DeSean Jackson's stupidity helped do some good after all. I was pleased to see that MLB teams began to create their own "It Gets Better" videos to help combat bullying. The San...

DeSean Jackson says he's sorry for using anti-gay slurs, but his anti-bullying image is toast


Reacting to criticism for calling a listener to a radio show a "gay-ass faggot," Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson says he's sorry. His statement, via NFL.com: "In a recent radio...

DeSean Jackson calls a radio caller a 'gay-ass faggot,' Tweets he's 'standin tall'


Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson is the latest pro athlete to drop the F-bomb. He appeared on a cooky radio show on Eminem's Sirius XM channel and snapped back at a caller saying...

DeSean signing his new extension


DeSean signing his new extension

Kind of obvious, but some lines are really telling about D Jack's perception.


Looked around because I figured this might be up somewhere but couldn't find it. The quotes from 'team personnel executives' are extreme.

Rob Ryan interviewed before Eagles game


Rob Ryan was interviewed, prior to Sunday night's game, by Al Micheals and his arrogance was on full display. Now that the Eagles have decimated his defense, it is pretty funny to hear some of the remarks he makes. Besides talking about himself, his family, and his future, he also gives his take on the Eagles' team, explains why he made the "all-hype" comments prior to the season, and jokes about Desean Jackson.

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