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Detroit Lions will be this season's surprise team


You gotta love the snark of fans in cities where their team can never seem to get on track. Enter the 2011 Detroit Lions. The last time the Lions went undefeated in the preseason, they went winless...

2010 NFL bold predictions


It's the opening day of the NFL season, and visions of Brett Favres are dancing in my head. I've been called "crackhead" in the past because I tend to make wild, outrageous NFL predictions...that...

NFL camp notes that caught my eye


Trying to get a read on how some teams might be this season, I've been interested to see some reports in particular from training camps of teams I have my eye on this season. What has caught my...

Quick hits: Federer, Red Wings, OSU, Lions


Roger Federer (right) nearly blew his chance at his first French Open title a day after Nadal lost, but he rallied from a 2-set deficit to advance to the quarterfinals. Red Wings take 2-0 series...

Morning hits: Mutombo, The Refrigerator, Blazers


After 18 years in the NBA, 42-year-old Dikembe Mutombo says his career is over. Why Wake Forest's Aaron Curry wants to be picked by the Detroit Lions for a below-market contract is beyond me. Big...

New logo but same old Detroit Lions?


The Detroit Lions, proud owners of an 0-16 record in 2008, unveiled a new logo today. The team has a new coach and a new general manager and the No. 1 pick in the draft, so tweaking the logo to...

Matthew Stafford nuzzles with friends


With the NFL Draft looming, I'm surprised no one has brought up the pictures of Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford that were taken several years ago at Talladega. Back when the NFL prospect was a...

Player rescued at sea; 2 NFLers missing


Former USF player Will Bleakley There's an incredible story developing now involving two NFL players (Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper of the...

Hot Lions fan carves "0-16" into his chest


Dan is a true-blue Detroit Lions fan, so much so that he has a tattoo on his chest that reads "0-16 2008."  Fortunately, Dan is pretty hot and has a chest worthy of an A&F model, so we approve (the...

You can't spell implosion without L-I-O-N-S


Daunte Culpepper had just marched his team down the field again. A Jason Hansen field goal had just capped a 36-yard drive. Detroit had just gone up 17-0. It finally looked like Detroit was going...

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