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Fire Gilbride? Tom Coughlin isn't listening to you

Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin, as you probably knew already, doesn't agree with the idea that it is time for the Giants to move on from the Kevin Gilbride era.


Peyton and Eli rap: "Football on your phone"

Da Manning Braz be ratta-a-tat tattin' in dis bangin' track. It be off da hook AIIIIGHHHHT?!?

Eli Manning: It hurts to take snap from a center wearing a cup


Eli Manning (Photo: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports) Last week I wrote about the curious phenomenon of NFL players not wearing cups despite...

Eli and Peyton Manning are a couple of fairies


I've gotta admit, I don't quite get DirecTV's whole "fairy" campaign. First it was Deion Sanders with pretty wings. Now both Eli Manning and Peyton Manning have satchels of pixie dust. And into...

The hottest players in the Super Bowl


Giants tight end Jake Ballard In my Super Bowl for the Clueless, I listed a few of the players to watch for in the Giants-Patriots game from...

Super Bowl for the Clueless: We'll have a gay old time


Gay-friendly owners. Madonna. David Beckham in his underwear and 106 players in tight pants. Welcome to this year's Super Bowl. Gay enough for you? For those who want to dazzle fellow Super Bowl...

NFL Playoffs: Say bye-bye to the Packers, Saints, Texans and Tebows/Broncos


Hot player of the week The conference title games look even; Packers fall apart; Ravens get lucky; Tebow still stinks; Alex Smith shines;...

NFL Week 9: Giants do it again to the Patriots


Eli rallies New York again; the Ravens stun the Steelers late; can anybody beat the Packers?; Arizona bromance; Colts lead the Suck for Luck derby, plus hot player of the week. Deja vu all over...

Sports Tweet of the Week: Eli tweeted at half!


Update: per the information in Jim's comment below, the Eli Manning on Twitter is apparently a fake. This week, as a change of pace, the Sports Tweet of the Week presents...no, that's not true. To...

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