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Eric Decker hot and shirtless in new video for Proactiv skin care


If you've noticed the complexion of Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker clearing up, it's not by accident. Peyton Manning's second favorite target this season appears in a new ad for the acne...

NFL players don't wear cups and it's a not a problem for them


Looks like no cup for Denver's Eric Decker (Photo by: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports). Click for larger view In the wake of Ndamukong Suh...

Eye on sports: Our favorite photos of the week


15 We present our favorite photos of the past sports week. This week’s offerings include the national collegiate lacrosse champs, the...

Gymnast Jake Dalton wins 2012 King of the Hardwood contest


Photo: Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE The people have spoken. Outsports readers picked American gymnast as the 2012 King of the Hardwood,...

Vote in 2012 King of the Hardwood finals: Eric Decker vs. Jake Dalton


There is one day left to vote in the 2012 King of the Hardwood contest, run by Mariner Duck Guy from our Discussion Board, which crowns our readers' choice as the hottest athlete in the world. In...

Vote in the Round of 64 for King of the Hardwood


Jake Dalton (Photo: Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE) Voting is underway in the round of 64 for the King of the Hardwood, where fans choose the...

NFL Week 9: Giants do it again to the Patriots


Eli rallies New York again; the Ravens stun the Steelers late; can anybody beat the Packers?; Arizona bromance; Colts lead the Suck for Luck derby, plus hot player of the week. Deja vu all over...

NFL Week 2: The Bills win a thriller; King of the Hardwood Eric Decker scores again


King of the Hardwood Eric Decker had two more TDs How I saw Week 2 of the NFL. The Bills win a wild one; the Dream Team...

Eric Decker wins King of the Hardwood, thanks fans for voting for him


Eric Decker of the Denver Broncos withstood a late surge from rugby's Nick Youngquest to win the 2011 King of the Hardwood contest, 50.5% to 49.5%. I imagine it's the only thing a Bronco will win...

Nick Youngquest wants your vote to be King of the Hardwood


In a first, an athlete in the King of the Hardwood is soliciting votes. The voting ends Thursday and rugby player Nick Youngquest trails the NFL's Eric Decker, 55% to 45%. Youngquest just heard...

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