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Gay 49ers fans kissing in bar in Sports Illustrated photo are from San Diego


Part of the SI photo by Deanne Fitzmaurice Outsports was the first outlet to report on the photo in Sports Illustrated that showed two male...

Gay non-football fan in San Francisco tells why he's watching this Super Bowl


49er fans dressed as Joe Montana and Jerry Rice (Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports) I consider myself a sporty gay.  I love tennis.  I cried...

Super Bowl: Sports Illustrated shows photo of 49ers fans kissing in gay bar


Part of the photo from Sports Illustrated The current issue of Sports Illustrated, the one previewing the Super Bowl, has something I never...

New York Jets fan Fireman Ed calls it quits after harassment from his own fans


Among the many rationalizations we hear as to why athletes don't (or shouldn't) come out is the idea that opposing fans will heckle them or call them gay slurs. One of my favorite responses to that...

Are St. Louis Cardinals fans the most homophobic on Twitter?


Last week Jim wrote about what a cesspool so much of Twitter has become for gay people. It's entirely possible that none flush more crap into it than St. Louis Cardinals fans. They're so notorious...

Calls grow to end "not gay" chant at University of Virginia sports events


Students at the University of Virginia have been inserting the word "not" before the word "gay" (originally meant as happy) in the school's traditional "Good Ol' Song" sung before most sports...

Photos: College football fans from 14 schools love their body paint


When Bleacher Report ranked the D1 college football programs based on how hot their fans are, they predictably showcased only "hot chicks." Yet the hottest people at games are always the guys with...

Alabama high school football fans show their idiocy with "gay" sign


Supporters of Spanish Fort High School in Alabama thought they were being clever when they unfurled a sign during a nationally televised game on ESPN on Monday that read "Purple? Man, that's GAY."...

Oklahoma City fans celebrate by shooting eight people as Thunder beat the Lakers


I simply have no understanding of this. None. Zip. Zilch. We see it over and over again: A team wins a big championship...and the fans try to burn down the city. To Oklahoma City's credit, this is...

Athletic Equality Index for pro sports teams?


Hudson Taylor would like to see the sports world follow HRC's corporate index and institute and Athletic Equality Index to determine just how gay-friendly each pro sports team is. Though...

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