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Florida, Georgia alumni use football to pressure Jacksonville on gay rights


Georgia-Florida in 2011 (Photo: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE) The universities of Georgia and Florida will play Saturday in Jacksonville like...

Chick-fil-A Bowl and Kickoff Games should end. ACC, SEC and ESPN should pull out.


Symbols are powerful forces in our lives. The gold bands on our left ring finger show the world our commitment. The stars and stripes breed images of freedom. The five Olympic rings conjure visions...

Diana Nyad attempting Cuba to Florida swim for the fourth time


Out distance swimmer Diana Nyad says she will again attempt to swim from Cuba to the Florida Keys this summer. It will be her fourth attempt. She first tried what she calls the "Xtreme Dream" in...

God has spoken! BYU is gone! Thank you Florida! (Plus Arizona's win over Duke...)


I haven't paid much attention to the NCAA tournament this year; The decline in talent, poor officiating and lack of compelling storylines just left me disinterested. But I got a lot more interested...

Post-Tim Tebow Florida looks like crap


If the University of Florida is the fourth-best college football team in the country, then it will be an incredibly weak year in college football. Florida beat Miami of Ohio, 34-12, but that score...

Gay polo tournament a big success


The First Annual International Gay Polo Tournament was held near West Palm Beach, Florida, this past Saturday, and all reports point to a big success. Apparently, there were 20 players and 1,500...

Florida a 73-point favorite in opener


Via the Wiz of Odds, we find that Danny Sheridan of USA Today has made Florida  a 73-point favorite over Division 1-AA Charleston Southern on Sept. 5, believed to be the largest pointspread in...

Fly fishing on Sanibel Island


Consider this part shameless plug, but mostly informational for the few fisherman on this site. My uncle, Norm Zeigler, has been a journalist and author for 30 years, focusing largely on hunting...

Blind item says baseballer is gay


I'm not a big fan of blind items prined by newspapers and mags; Whenever anything is unattributed and untraceable, I get a little suspicious. But this tidbit ran in the New York Daily News last...

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