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NCAA rains down punishment on Penn State football, the house that Paterno destroyed

After the Freeh Report showed failures by Penn State to effectively stop a known pedophile, putting their football program ahead of the welfare of children, the NCAA has left that football program...

Former FBI Director Louis Free blasts Penn State and Joe Paterno in Sandusky report

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh has leveled serious allegations with far-reaching implications in his report on the investigation of the Jerry Sandusky child molestation case. Freeh's report claims...

Shotgun/Throwdown: Tuesday (2/12/13) Edition

Hoops notes, Baseball notes, Rifle #1, Geno & the draft, recruiting notes, Big 12 Roundup & more

NCAA President Mark Emmert Won't Rule Out The Death Penalty For Penn State

I know you guys are probably as sick of reading about the Penn State scandal as we are writing about it, but NCAA President Mark Emmert has weighed in on things since the Freeh Report came out,...

Black Shoe Podcast, With Special Guest Michael Buckner

Black Shoe Diaries' Jeff Junstrom and Adam Collyer talk with Michael L. Buckner, an attorney well-versed in NCAA compliance and internal investigations, to discuss the the Freeh Report and its findings and conclusions.

Revisiting the Penn State Scandal after the Freeh Report

With the Freeh Report, we learned of a massive leadership failure at Penn State. This failure should serve as a reminder that college athletics should not be accorded more importance than that to which it is rightfully entitled.

Should The Eastern Independents Turn Back On Penn State? And The Big Finish

With the fallout from the Freeh report, what will be the Department of Education, the NCAA and the Big Ten's reaction to the Penn State scandal? And what should be the reaction of the Eastern independents Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Rutgers, Temple and BC?

See No Evil: The Freeh Report, Penn State and Why No One Stopped It

The leadership of Penn State might have displayed a nauseating lack of compassion, but they weren't alone. We've all played a role in corroding the sense of outrage that could have prevented at least some of the crimes.


Should PSU Get the Death Penalty?

Discussion on the blockbuster Freeh report involving PSU child sex abuse allegations and a quick poll

The Legacy Of The Freeh Report And The Penn State Scandal

At Penn State, even the janitors were afraid to tell their superiors what they saw because they feared they would lose their jobs. What would the janitors at WSU do? That's a question -- among many others -- to which the Board of Regents simply must

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