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History: The first Jewish bullfighter in the world was also gay


Sidney Franklin in 1932 An exhibit has opened in Israel highlighting Jewish athletes who competed prior to the state's founding in 1948 and...

Brian Burke marches in Toronto Pride parade


There's been so much written, both here and elsewhere, about the life and death of Brendan Burke that it almost seems redundant to add to it, but this is certainly worthy of a few more words. As he...

Cristiano Ronaldo 2.0: Even better body


Portuguese soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo is known for stripping off his jersey on the field. He did it again over the weekend and unveiled a new sculpted torso that surprised even die-hard fans...

Brady Quinn is 'Muscle & Fitness' cover model


Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn hasn't done a whole lot yet in his NFL career and still might not be the Browns' 2009 starter. But this still has not stopped him from getting product...

Gay history footnote on the NAACP


Yesterday, as I listened to President Obama's rousing speech at the NAACP convention, I was reminded that a pioneering gay activist's adoptive mother was a charter member of the NAACP.  The...

Ian Thorpe in 2009: Speaks out, doesn't come out

Ian Thorpe, the now chubby Australian swimming icon, grabbed his public megaphone and declared again today that he's not gay. Thorpe again came out as not gay to address media speculation that he's...

Ian Thorpe's Brazilian male 'roommate'


Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe has denied he is gay, but has said that he is in love with someone from another country. So, the revelation that Thorpe was seen frolicking on a Brazilian beach with...

Video: Dwight Howard sings Beyonce on line


Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic sings Beyonce songs while getting ready to shoot free throws. Howard talked about his in-game song choices on ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption." (Video below the...

Brady Quinn punched in face by teammate


If true, it's a crime against beauty -- Cleveland Browns coach Romeo Crennell won't confirm or deny that injured quarterback Brady Quinn was punched in the face by defensive lineman Shaun Smith in...

Another Oz award for Mitcham


From Down Under comes news that Olympics diving goldist Matt Mitcham has added yet another major award to his fistful of medals.  The coveted Sports Performer of the Year award came to him the...

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