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Who are Major League Baseball's sexiest players?


Our friend Kathy Lyford at FoxSports.com has brought us a list of the sexiest players in Major League Baseball. The New York Yankees seem to be the most-represented team (including Robinson Cano,...

Remember: Sizemore targets gay site in witch hunt

Outsports is the latest target in Grady Sizemore's witch hunt over his leaked and very sexy photos. We received a letter this afternoon from Sizemore's representative, Terence B. Prince at CAA,...

Grady Sizemore mad about gorgeous pics


Update: Outsports has received a cease & desist letter regarding the photos. If you're reading this and have any photos of me that make me look remotely like Grady Sizemore, consider this a...

Revealing Grady Sizemore pictures


Some very revealing self-portraits of Cleveland Indian Grady Sizemore are catching up to him. At least, it's allegedly him and I haven't heard much to say it's not. Heck, if I were him and had that...

Yay? Sizemore's comeback progressing


Buster Olney offers some more details about Sizermore's rehab program, and then offers this less than enticing "what if" scenario if Sizemore does get healthy: If Sizemore comes back and is a star again, a whole lot of logical questions will follow: Because Sizemore's current contract has a 2012 option for $8.5 million, would it make sense for the Indians to pick up the option? Would it make sense for them to trade him, in their effort to rebuild their pitching?

Grady Sizemore's Plate Discipline Problems


Interesting article from FanGraphs with some pitchFx charts explaining Grady's problems at the plate. Bottom line is that he's swinging at bad pitches and not swinging at good pitches.

Sizemore Will Come Around


This is more of a fantasy baseball piece, but the author looks at Grady's underlying numbers and finds that apart from being jammed too much and sucking on the basepath, he's been incredibly unlucky in the 'ole baBIP department.

Game Story: Dream Streak Ends At 11...


Red Sox end streak at 11. Boston loses to Cleveland 9-8.

Know Your Enemy: Cleveland Indians


Heading into the series against Boston the Tribe are 7-12, good enough for dead last in the division, albeit they are only 3.5 games back. Cleveland finished last season right at the .500 mark and...

Fun with Numbers: Yankees vs. Indians


Recap of NY/CLE 4/18/09

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