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Cleveland Indians teammates finger Lonnie Chisenhall after game-winning hit


Courtesy of Deadspin comes this video (below) of what is teammates fingering the butt of another following a dramatic win. It comes courtesy of the Cleveland Indians, who mobbed Lonnie Chisenhall...

Photos: Tim Tebow creates stir by running shirtless in the rain


New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is finally realizing that his every move in the huge media market will be scrutinized, even when he decides to take a jog in the rain at training camp. Tebow...

Bruce Weber ads for A&F feature dudes wrestling, kissing


Abercrombie & Fitch has cut out the heterosexual pretense with two sports-themed ads from Bruce Weber that show guys and nothing but guys. These guys are -- of course -- young, shirtless (and all...

Former gay porn actor Dakota Cochrane debuts on 'The Ultimate Fighter 15,' loses


Update: Cochrane lost a split decision in the round of 32 during a live telecast March 9, so he won't be on the show any more. Dakota Cochrane, who has talked openly about his gay porn past, will...

Men in tights -- the NFL combine ends


Kirk Cousins The NFL Combine, aka the Underwear Olympics, have concluded after four days of hopeful pros being tested, weighed, poked and...

Dudes in Spandex -- NFL Combine, the "Underwear Olympics" starts


Notre Dame's Harrison Smith The NFL Combine starts Thursday in Indianapolis, a fleshfest of hopeful future pros lifting weights, running...

Watch Toyota's gay-positive Super Bowl ad


I seldom watch Super Bowl commercials, since I watch every play of the game and use the breaks to get food, socialize or run to the bathroom. So I missed the ad for the Toyota Camry, but...

Football as a homoerotic ritual -- are players really gay?


With the Super Bowl only days away, it's time to revive a classic that has long been forgotten: An academic paper from 1978 by Cal-Berkeley anthropologist Alan Dundes called "Into the End Zone for...

Is the 'lax bro' culture keeping gays out of lacrosse?


Josh Acut of LaxAllStars.com dove headfirst this week into the question of gay athletes in lacrosse. He related an eye-opening story about talking to a group of college students about lacrosse's...

David Beckham to strip to his underwear for H&M Super Bowl ad


This is looking to be a fairly gay Super Bowl. Madonna is doing the halftime show and now comes news that gay icon David Beckham will be in his underwear as part of an ad by fashion retailer H&M. B...

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