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Blake Skjellerup in Artistic Nude Photos

The Kiwi Olympian hopes photos reveal his training and determination and drive some new-found fans

Eric Decker hot and shirtless in new video for Proactiv skin care


If you've noticed the complexion of Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker clearing up, it's not by accident. Peyton Manning's second favorite target this season appears in a new ad for the acne...

Soccer goalie Stuart Tomlinson is a very hot nude model


It's not  hard to understand why British pro soccer goalie Stuart Tomlinson has turned to fitness modeling for some extra cash (photos below).  The Burton Albion player has a big, well-defined...

Photos: Mike Alstott still looking good in retirement


Mike Alstott stands during the national anthem against the Philadelphia Eagles at Raymond James Stadium. (Photo: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports) ...

Pro soccer player Lance Parker gets naked, loves shoes and Dairy Queen


We're big fans of pro soccer player Lance Parker, who plays for the North American Soccer League's FC Edmonton. For a couple reasons. First, he's incredibly gay-friendly. A supporter of same-sex...

Athlete-turned-model Rob Wilson breaks The Price Is Right gender barrier


As you may know, The Price Is Right featured its first male model this week. Rob Wilson, "from the city of champions," won a nationwide search for the one-week trial run on the long-running daytime...

Shirtless Chris Kluwe on the cover of Out magazine


Out magazine has an amazing, incredibly well-written, thoughtful feature on Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe. Kidding! I wrote the piece...But frankly, it only reads well because Out magazine...

Photos: College football fans from 14 schools love their body paint


When Bleacher Report ranked the D1 college football programs based on how hot their fans are, they predictably showcased only "hot chicks." Yet the hottest people at games are always the guys with...

'Hunting Season' explores everyone's favorite sport...


Ben Baur of 'Hunting Season' I can think of no more popular sport in America than hunting. OK, maybe not for deer, but certainly hunting......

10 Greek Gods from the 2012 London Olympics


James Magnussen, swimming Like most, I watched the Summer Olympics on TV from the comfort of my couch. Here in Canada, CTV was the official...

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